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The current SDS theme is:
The current SDS theme is:
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{{../Current Studio}}.
{{../Current Studio}}
== List ==
== List ==

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The list of Scratch Design Studio studios in Scratch 1.4

The Scratch Design Studio is a themed studio that is changed approximately every month, though sometimes even longer.[1] There have currently been a total of 120 Scratch Design Studio studios.

Current SDS

The current SDS theme is:
25683625_100x75.png Remix a Starter Project (Remix one of the starter projects and make it your own!)


They are as follows, from oldest to newest:

  1. 22103_100x75.png Remix-a-thon[2] (Remix a project in the studio)
  2. 23383_100x75.png 8 Blocks[3] (Only can use the 8 blocks named in description)
  3. 24544_100x75.png The Future of Scratch (Suggest some new things for Scratch)
  4. 26393_100x75.png Haiku (Write a haiku)
  5. 27570_100x75.png Mystery Games (Create a guessing game)
  6. 28561_100x75.png Random Numbers (Use the Pick random () to () block)
  7. 29283_100x75.png Seeing Words (Create a project telling the meaning of one of the words described in the description)
  8. 30316_100x75.png Bizarro World (Create a world which is like the real world but has craziness)
  9. 31433_100x75.png Try Scratch! (Create an advertisement for Scratch and convince people to try Scratch)
  10. 32842_100x75.png Travel (Create a project about the places you would like to go visit in the world)
  11. 33938_100x75.png Our Planet (Create an animated story about the environment)
  12. 35739_100x75.png Add a page (Create a page to a story about Gobo)
  13. 36803_100x75.png Plans for 2009 (Create a project that shares your 2009 Hopes and Dreams)
  14. 38629_100x75.png Rectangles (Create a project using only the Rectangle Paint Editor Tool)
  15. 40864_100x75.png Thank you (Create a project about a nice thing someone recently did for you)
  16. 43289_100x75.png Make some noise (Find a project that was made by someone else, which features interesting music or sounds)
  17. 45266_100x75.png It's Alive! (Take a photo or illustration and make it come to life by animation)
  18. 48179_100x75.png Scavenger Hunt (Search for pictures and audio from a list - and create a project with them)
  19. 49490_100x75.png Phone Call (Create a project that features a phone call)
  20. 51460_100x75.png Deep Space (Create a project that features an adventure in outer space)
  21. 52672_100x75.png Ask me (Download Scratch 1.4 and use the new Ask () and Wait in your own Scratch project)
  22. 53974_100x75.png Blooming Flowers (Add blooming flowers to your Scratch Project)
  23. 55518_100x75.png 500000 (Make a project celebrating more than half a million projects)
  24. 56193_100x75.png Front Page Design (Create a new front page that displays what people are creating)
  25. 58151_100x75.png Help me! (Make a tutorial about Scratch)
  26. 59598_100x75.png Shadows (Create a project about shadows)
  27. 61741_100x75.png Happy Halloween! (Make a project about Halloween and/or make a spooky project)
  28. 62834_100x75.png Lists, lists, lists (Create a project that uses a list)
  29. 68010_100x75.png Minifig Madness (Create a project with the LEGO Minifig Collection)
  30. 69812_100x75.png Sports Time (Create a project that features a sprite playing a sport)
  31. 71974_100x75.png Sing Song (Create a project that has music in it)
  32. 73689_100x75.png -oOo-Under the Sea-oOo- (Make a project about the imaginary or non-imaginary creatures that live at the bottom of the sea)
  33. 75582_100x75.png Patterns (Make a project with a pattern of blocks, images, sounds, drawings or actions)
  34. 77933_100x75.png Whoop! (Create a project containing the 'Whoop!' sound)
  35. 80033_100x75.png 1,000,000 Projects! (Make a project celebrating 1,000,000 projects)
  36. 82148_100x75.png oOo Graffiti oOo (Create a project that includes graffiti art)
  37. 83818_100x75.png Recipes (Make a project that shows how to make your favorite food)
  38. 86854_100x75.png World Cup! (Create a project that has something to do with the Soccer World Cup 2010)
  39. 89391_100x75.png Make your own animal (Create your own animal and include it in your project)
  40. 93338_100x75.png Make your own robot (Create your own robot and include it in your project)
  41. 96365_100x75.png Your favorite book (Create a project about your favorite book or make-up your own story)
  42. 98284_100x75.png Flight! (Make a project about flying or flight)
  43. 99819_100x75.png Halloween 2010! (Create a spooky project for Halloween 2010)
  44. 101228_100x75.png Scratch Tutorial!~ (Make a project that tells how to do something on Scratch)
  45. 101173_100x75.png Oh! The Places You'll Go/Animated Poetry~[4] (Create a project using lines of a specific Dr. Suess poem)
  46. 106523_100x75.png Remix into 2011! (Add your past or present ideas of the Fourth of July)
  47. 107621_100x75.png ~Time Travel~ (Create a project that include Time Travel)
  48. 111801_100x75.png TV Design Studio! (Make a project about or inspired by your favorite television program)
  49. 115296_100x75.png Ultimate Birthday Party (Create a project about the Ultimate Birthday Party)
  50. 119329_100x75.png Loudness Lollapalooza! (Create a project that reacts to sound)
  51. 123812_100x75.png Scratch Day 2011[5] (Add the projects that you shared on Scratch Day 2011 in the studio)
  52. 124763_100x75.png Let me show you around...[6] (Describe Scratch to someone using it for the first time)
  53. 129248_100x75.png Make A Computer (Make a computer in Scratch)
  54. 133601_100x75.png It's over 2,000,000![7] (Make a project celebrating over 2 Million projects on Scratch)
  55. 136936_100x75.png When I grow up...[8] (Make a project explaining what you want to be when you grow up)
  56. 140108_100x75.png Halloween 2011![9] (Make a project for Halloween 2011)
  57. 142631_100x75.png One Sprite, One Script. (Make a project that only uses one Sprite and one Script)
  58. 144634_100x75.png Interactive Pen Projects (Create a project that uses Interactive Pen)
  59. 149410_100x75.png Do-It-Yourself! (Create a project that shows how to do a Do-It-Yourself outside of Scratch)
  60. 154147_100x75.png Carnival Games! (Make an old fashioned style carnival game)
  61. 160301_100x75.png All About Animals! (Maka a project about your favorite animal)
  62. 164844_100x75.png Circles and Squares (Make a project using circles and squares)
  63. 171719_100x75.png The Olympics 2012! (Create a project oabout the Olympics 2012)
  64. 171927_100x75.png 8 bit (Make a project in 8-Bit Style)
  65. 178983_100x75.png Halloween 2012! (Make a project about Halloween 2012)
  66. 181473_100x75.png Super Heroes! (Design your own Super Hero using Scratch)
  67. 184732_100x75.png 3,000,000 Projects~! (Celebrate 3,000,000 projects)
  68. 188586_100x75.png Memories of Scratch 1.x (Make a project about memories from Scratch)
  69. 194669_100x75.png Celebrate Pi Day![10] (Make a project having to do with Pi Day)
  70. 198036_100x75.png Why Do You Scratch? (Make a project explaining why you use Scratch)
  71. 222542_100x75.png Scratch Doodle (Create an animated Scratch logo)
  72. 205943_100x75.png Inspired by a Song (Create a project inspired by a favorite song)
  73. 263587_100x75.png Halloween 2013 (Create a project about Halloween 2013)
  74. 272531_100x75.png Celebrate 4,000,000 Projects! (Create a project celebrating 4,000,000 projects)
  75. 296067_100x75.png Holiday Foods (Share a story or recipe about your favorite a Holiday Meal)
  76. 320437_100x75.png New Year, New Resolutions (Create a project sharing resolutions for 2014)
  77. 341264_100x75.png Interactive Sensor Projects! (Make an Interactive Sensor Project)
  78. 366438_100x75.png Celebrate 5,000,000 Projects! (Celebrate 5,000,000 projects)
  79. 424448_100x75.png Scratch Day 2014 (Create a project celebrating Scratch Day)
  80. 445528_100x75.png Creative Inventions (Make up an invention)
  81. 481456_100x75.png Embrace Randomness[11] (Make a random Scratch Project)
  82. 497878_100x75.png Create with these Characters[12] (Make a project that uses one or more specific sprites)
  83. 520375_100x75.png 10 Block Challenge[3] (Create a project using 10 specific Scratch blocks)
  84. 588044_100x75.png Creative Cloning (Use the cloning feature)
  85. 686604_100x75.png Once Upon a Dinner... (Create a project of a dinner you would like to have)
  86. 833480_100x75.png Create a Super Hero! (Make up a super hero)
  87. 974688_100x75.png Scratch Around the World (Create a project telling the audience about a country)
  88. 1107400_100x75.png Create Your Own Planet! (Make up a planet and tell viewers what happens on it)
  89. 1296282_100x75.png Block Dance Party! (Create a Dance Party using 12 specific Scratch blocks)
  90. 1354378_100x75.png Celebrate 10 Million Projects: Past, Present, Future. (Celebrate 10 Million projects and look back at your Scratch projects and look into your Scratch future)
  91. 1445560_100x75.png Custom Block Madness! (Create a project that uses Custom Blocks)
  92. 1527394_100x75.png Create Your Own Scratch Island (Design your own Scratch island)
  93. 1672164_100x75.png Alice in Wonderland 150th Anniversary[13] (a celebration of Alice in Wonderland's 150th Anniversary)
  94. 1788915_100x75.png New Year's Celebration: Express 2016! (Create a project for the New Year)
  95. 1859165_100x75.png Remix-A-Thon[2] (Remix one of the pre-made projects.)
  96. 1963483_100x75.png The Last SDS (Create a project with memories of the SDS and share your favorite SDS. This was for April Fools' Day 2016.)
  97. 1999784_100x75.png Make Music![14] (Create a music project)
  98. 2106460_100x75.png In the Spotlight (Parody a film or any other piece of popular culture with Scratch characters)
  99. 2980472_100x75.png Create a New Scratch Character (Design a new animated sprite.)
  100. 3479432_100x75.png 10 Squares (Create a project with 10 squares for the 100th SDS)
  101. 3682398_100x75.png Scratch 101 (Create a project that teaches how to do something)
  102. 3963359_100x75.png Studio Spotlight (Create a project about a studio you love)
  103. 4228332_100x75.png Things to Try! (Create a project using the new section on Scratch called Tips)
  104. 4432377_100x75.png Gobolympics (Create a project relating to Olympic sports or another sport you enjoy)
  105. 4607452_100x75.png Scratch Rewind: 2017 (Create a project to look back at 2017 or look forward to 2018)
  106. 4823590_100x75.png Interactive Stories (Create an interactive story project)
  107. 4981407_100x75.png Design a Park (Create a park)
  108. 5109727_100x75.png From Dusk 'Till Dawn (Create a project about the night)
  109. 5256490_100x75.png Symmetry (Make a project using symmetry)
  110. 5321833_100x75.png Time Travel (Make a project about travelling through time)
  111. 5541632_100x75.png Create Your Own Restaurant (Make a project about a restaurant)
  112. 5702799_100x75.png Bounce! (Make a project that involves bouncing.)
  113. 5801323_100x75.png Year 3000 (Make a project about the year 3000)
  114. 5944573_100x75.png Monochromatic (Create a project that is monochromatic.)
  115. 6295493_100x75.png Bloop (Make a project having to do with the word "bloop")
  116. 6234813_100x75.png Day In The Life (Create a project in the life of something.)
  117. 9323539_100x75.png Growing (Create a project having to do with something growing.)
  118. 20766887_100x75.png Puzzled (Create a project having to do with something puzzling.)
  119. 25087145_100x75.png Micro (Create a project about something micro.)
  120. 25273127_100x75.png Prehistoric (Make a project about things that lived thousands of years ago.)
  121. 25528144_100x75.png End of the Decade (Create a project sharing memories from 2010-2020, and/or, create a project saying what you're looking forward to in the next decade.)
  122. 25683625_100x75.png Remix a Starter Project (Remix one of the starter projects and make it your own!)


  1. The SDS, "Once upon a Dinner", lasted from November 24, 2014 to January 13, 2015
  2. a b There have been two Remix-A-Thons.
  3. a b Many Scratchers find it "interesting" that there are two studios so similar.
  4. The Design Studio, "Oh! The Places You'll Go," was originally named "Animated Poetry," but was changed within 24 hours to the new title, as people were submitting projects about any piece of poetry, whereas the Scratch Team only wanted projects about the poem, "Oh! The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss.
  5. The Design Studio, "Scratch Day 2011," is different from all the rest. It was not made by the user ScratchDesignStudio, rather, it was created by scratchday. Also, it did not use the regular gallery notes. Instead, it said Quote Icon.png Quote:
    Author: scratchday
    Text:  What did you create on Scratch Day? Share your projects from Scratch Day events! 
    Source: "Scratch Day 2011" Design Studio
    Anyone could add projects to this gallery.
  6. The Design Studio "Let me show you around..." was originally called "Welcome! Let me show you around..." but was changed within 2 days, for an unknown reason.
  7. The Design Studio "It's over 2,000,000!" was changed to be "It's almost 2,000,000!" after complaints from people who said that it wasn't "over 2,000,000", but was changed back when the goal was achieved.
  8. The Design Studio "Dream Job" was changed to "When I Grow Up..." after the suggestion was made that the name would fit the studio better seen in the first few comments on that gallery).
  9. The Design Studio "Halloween 2011" was mistakenly named "Halloween 2012" at the beginning. It was fixed within 2 days.
  10. This only lasted for one day.
  11. Although this studio was meant for projects containing the Pick Random block, it was confused with an Add Everything studio
  12. This Scratch Design Studio was created due to Creative Characters Camp. All Camp Counselors were were curators of this studio.
  13. This studio was not created by the user @ScratchDesignStudio. The SDS was be used as a sample studio for the 2015 Hour of Code activities.
  14. This was created in honor of the International Day of Jazz