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The Scratch Design Studio section on the Front Page.
The Scratch Design Studio (commonly abbreviated SDS) is a themed studio that is changed approximately every month.

These themes can range from holiday celebrations to underwater scenes, sports, and much more.

Scratch Design Studio from version 1.4.


The Scratch Design Studio was originally called "Scratch Club", until June 22 or 23, 2008.[1] The Scratch Club galleries were shown in the same area that Design Studio galleries are. Club galleries were not all by a certain user, however.

On May 31, 2009, the Projects from Scratch Design Studio row was added to the Front Page.[2] It showcases some projects from the current studio.

How it Works

Scratchers can share projects and submit them with links in comments, where Scratch Team members, Community moderators, or a few selected Scratchers will add the projects to the studio. The Scratchers who can add projects (known as SDS curators) are JJROCKER, stevetheipad, technoboy10, joletole, puppymk, LiFaytheGoblin, Unrealisation, The_Grits, st19_galla, and fmtfmtfmt2. However, the only curators who are considered active (and are listed on the SDS curator info page) are JJROCKER, stevetheipad, technoboy10, sparks, joletole, puppymk, and jji7skyline. All moderators and the Scratch Team have the ability to add projects as well, but generally only do so when extra help is needed.

The Scratch Front Page will randomly select twenty projects from the studio and display them in the row that is titled Scratch Design Studio - 'SDS theme' each time the Front Page is viewed. When the page is refreshed, a new group is chosen. Each user may only have one of their own projects added to the Design Studio per theme, however, they can request other users' projects to be added as many times as they like, if it's not the same user's more than once.

Scratchers that have the ability to add projects to the studio (see list above) are called SDS Curators. In addition to the ability to curate the SDS studios, they can also choose themes (with the help of the Scratch Team), help hire new curators every two to four months and have access to curate the "purpose SDS themes" studio, while providing feedback to the theme idea projects. SDS Curators are hired in a way similar as Community Moderators were, being hired every four months.

Permanent SDS Curators are users who have all the same privileges as regular SDS Curators, but they do not need to be chosen/checked in with every two to four months. The current permanent SDS Curators are Scimonster, JJROCKER, stevetheipad, and technoboy10.

Scratchers can suggest new Design Studio themes in this studio.

Past Themes

Main article: Scratch Design Studio/Studios

There have currently been a total of 80 themes. The current theme is Embrace Randomness.

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