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{{Scratch Team Page}}
{{Scratch Team Page}}
The [[Scratch Program|Scratch program]] and [[Scratch Website|website]] are developed and moderated by the [[Scratch Team]].
The [[Scratch Program|Scratch program]] and [[Scratch Website|website]] are developed and moderated by the [[Scratch Team]].

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Scratch Cat-cropped.png This article has been created and is maintained by the Scratch Team. As such, it should be treated as an official informational page. It may be linked to by several different places on the main site.

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The Scratch program and website are developed and moderated by the Scratch Team.

The following people have helped with the development of Scratch and its community in various ways:

  • Others in the Lifelong Kindergarten Group who have contributed to the Scratch project, including: Evelyn Eastmond, Tammy Stern, Dave Feinberg, Margarita Dekoli, Han Xu, Leo Burd, Lis Sylvan, Oren Zuckerman, Claudia Urrea, Ioana Fineberg, Rachel Garber, Chris Garrity, and many MIT undergraduates and interns, including Nick Bushak, Paul Medlock-Walton, Chinua Shaw, Ubong Ukoh, Christine Kim, Daniel Strimpel, and others.
  • Evan Karatzas for the graphic design of the Scratch user interface, and Kemie Guaida for graphic design of the Scratch website.
  • Lauren Bessen, Kate Nazemi, and Big Blue Dot for the design of the Scratch print materials.
  • Ed Shems for creating dozens of illustrations for the Scratch image library, and to Wing Ngan, Mark Loughridge, Xing Xing, Tracy Ho, Mike Lee, and 360KID for their contributions to the image library.
  • Wayne Marshall, Danny Lutz, Tracy Ho, and Jeff Lieberman for providing sounds and music for the Scratch sound library.
  • Robbie Berg for helping with the development of the Scratch Sensor Board.
  • Jodi Finch and Cassy Gibbs for their contributions to the Scratch videos.
  • The staff of Vision Education for their contributions to Scratch reference materials and workshops.
  • John McIntosh for technical help with the Macintosh version.
  • Countless translators from around the world.
  • Staff, mentors, and members at Computer Clubhouses around the world (especially at the YOU Clubhouse in Los Angeles and the Charlestown, Chelsea, and Museum of Science Clubhouses in Boston) for trying out early versions of Scratch and offering feedback and suggestions.
  • The community of Scratch beta testers, especially Susan Abend, Keith Braadfladt, Roland Hebert, David Malan, Ximena Miranda, Liddy Nevile, Karen Randall (and her students at the EXPO Elementary School in St. Paul), Kilmer Sweazy, John Henry Thompson, and the IDEAS Fellows for their thoughtful and thorough feedback.
  • Alan Kay and the Squeak team for inspiring us with Etoys, sharing code and expertise, and providing feedback and encouragement.
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