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A Scratch Card.

Scratch Cards are cards that are used to teach Scratchers how to program in Scratch. These cards are quite useful; instead of needing to have a computer to learn Scratch, users can quickly learn how to program in Scratch, no matter where they are. Scratch cards can also be used for reference. They were updated to Scratch 2.0 with all-new cards on February 13, 2014.

Because of their portability and simplicity, Scratch Cards are ideal to be used when Scratchers first start learning Scratch, and are great for Scratch clubs and classes.

2016 Cards

2016 Scratch card decks.

At the 2016 Scratch Conference, the Scratch Team announced plans to release 10 new packs of activity cards, totaling 75 cards in all. The activity packs are focused on certain interests, which includes but is not limited to animation, music, and dancing.[1] They were released later in the year.

Professionally-printed card packs can be bought on the Scratch Foundation store.

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