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There are many notable bugs in Scratch. Some may just be graphical, some might impact coding, some might make text missing and some might show extra things.

There are many bugs in projects Scratchers create, including glitches and lag.

Disabled Keyboard Bug

This bug causes Scratch to not react to key presses, which can impact on projects that need key presses to work, and can mean Scratchers can't program, due to some blocks needing to have words typed in them to work correctly. This bug is only seen with Firefox. There are currently no ways to fix it forever, but it has been found that clicking outside Scratch (such as address bar) fixes it temporarily.[citation needed]

Semicolon Glitch

Main article: Semicolon Glitch

The Semicolon Glitch was a bug that caused a semicolon to be displayed at the bottom left of each page. It has since been fixed, but it returns every year on April Fools' Day.[citation needed]

Disappearing Text Bug

Main article: Disappearing Text Bug
The bug, shown in a project.

The Disappearing Text Bug was that text in some projects would disappear. It was seen in blocks with written text inside or dropdown menus. In some cases, only some text would disappear, but sometimes, almost all the text in the project would disappear.[1] It has been fixed, and although it was reported to have appeared again in Scratch 2.0, it hasn't been seen for a few years.[2]

No Last Post Bug

Main article: No Last Post

In May 2017, when spammers were active, on some occasions the "last post" field next to a subforum description would be missing. Though it died down after a while, later changes to the forums seemed to bring it back. The reason why this happens remains unknown.[3]

Variables Not Fully Hiding

Sometimes, variables do not completely disappear from the Stage when hidden via the checkbox next to its name. The exact cause is uncertain, but it is speculated that quickly switching costumes or backdrops can cause it.[citation needed]

White Text

In Scratch 2.0, in Firefox, the project website loaded with black text appearing white. The cause was unknown, but it might have had to do with the Disabled Keyboard Bug.

Speech Bubbles With Empty Space at the Bottom

Sometimes, there is extra space at the bottom of a speech bubble.

ln Scratch 2.0, when changing to fullscreen, the outside of a speech bubble gets amplified the correct amount, but the text appears a bit smaller relative to the bubble. The result is that the speech bubble is a bit taller than it is supposed to be. This only happens with speech bubbles with lots of text, or large speech bubbles.


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