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Two Scratch Bits and their cases.
Early Concept Design.

The Scratch Bit is a device that is being developed and will be released in the near future. It is a small, circle-shaped device with 4 lights and a button.[1] The Scratch Bit will become an Extension. They were first previewed at Scratch Day @ MIT 2018.[citation needed]


The Scratch Bit has 13 blocks: 6 hat blocks, 3 Boolean blocks and 4 reporter blocks.[2] They are pictured below:

  • when [moved v]::extension hat
  • when button pressed::extension hat
  • when tilted [ v]::extension hat
  • when it gets [dark v]::extension hat
  • at rest? :: extension boolean
  • button pressed?::extension boolean
  • tilted [ v]?::extension boolean
  • spin::extension reporter
  • speed::extension reporter
  • brightness::extension reporter
  • tilt angle [ v]::extension reporter


The Scratch Bit has the following features:

  • Tilt Sensor: Changes the tilt values.
  • Light Sensor: Changes the light sensor value depending on the amount of light it detects.
  • Button: Can be pressed to control the button pressed value (true or false).
  • Accelerometer: Changes spin speed, movement speed and triggers jump block.

Example Uses

Examples can be found at this video.


In the photo at the top of the page, there are cases. Some cases have clips on them, while others have a small circular rubber pad, commonly known as a C-Stick, that is used like a joystick.


The blocks can be previewed online here. The original concept and blocks can be viewed here.

Buying a Scratch Bit

Note Note: Anyone under the age of 18 should ask their parent/guardian before buying a Scratch Bit.

The Scratch Bit is not available for sale yet. As of May 2018, it was going to become available in January 2019, however it seems that it has been delayed, and no release date is known at this time.[3] It is estimated to cost about $30 (USD).[citation needed]

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