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Scratch 3.0 Beta
Forum ID: 57
Amount of activity: High amount of topics and a low amount of replies.
Types of users who can post: All users.
Brief description: "Discuss the Scratch 3.0 Beta! - Bugs / Feedback / Suggestions"

Scratch 3.0 Beta was a forum in the Scratch Discussion Forums where Scratchers could discuss and offer constructive criticism on the Scratch 3.0 Beta.

What the Forum Contains

As its name suggests, this forum was for the discussion of the Beta version of Scratch 3.0 that was announced on August 1st.

The topics in this forum generally praised, criticised, or offered suggestions for the beta.


Since the forum was created, it experienced a surge in activity, with new topics being made extremely frequently.[citation needed] Many of these were from Scratchers who were unhappy with the transition to 3.0 and would like Scratch to stay as it is,[1][2] whereas some others started debates over whether Scratch 3.0 is better than Scratch 2.0.[3]