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Scratch 3.0
Scratch 3.0 Program.png
Release Date January 2, 2019
Programming language HTML5 / JavaScript
Predecessor 2.0
The project page.
The Scratch 3.0 sound recorder.

Scratch 3.0 is the third and current major version of Scratch. It is a complete redesign and reimplementation of Scratch written in HTML5 and JavaScript. It features a new, modern look and design with the stage moved back to the right like Scratch 1.4 and before. It was released on January 2, 2019.

New Features


Click on a block to learn more about it!

go to [ v] layer go [ v] () layers (costume [ v]) (backdrop [ v]) change [ v] effect by ()::sound set [ v] effect to ()::sound clear sound effects set drag mode [ v] <() contains ()?::operators delete () of [ v] delete all of [ v] (item # of () in [ v])

For extension blocks, please go to the extension pages.


  • New Paint Editor and Sound Editor
  • Pen, Video Sensing, and Music blocks are now extensions
  • You can now make and play projects on tablets and play them on phones, but currently you cannot edit projects on mobile phones
  • Several extra options for the “touching ()?” boolean, including “any edge”, “mouse-position”, and “left edge”
  • Different fonts: Sans Serif (thin Helvetica), Serif (Times), Handwriting, Marker, Curly, Pixel, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
  • The vector paint editor is now the default editor
  • The Video Sensing blocks is an extension
  • New extensions: Text to Speech, Translate, Micro:bit, and Lego Mindstorms EV3.
  • Internet Explorer will not be a supported browser
  • PicoBoard and LEGO WeDo 1.0 are not supported
  • The addition of a pause button like in Phosphorus and Sulfurous



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