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Scratch 27Jul06
Scratch 0.6.png
Variants 27Jul06
Release Date 27Jul06 — 2006/07/27
Programming language Squeak
Download 27Jul06
Predecessor 28May05
Successor 1.0

Scratch 27Jul06, created on July 27, 2006, was the beta version of Scratch following Scratch 28May05 and preceding Scratch 1.0. Scratch 27Jul06 is also sometimes known as "Pre-1.0".[1]

Scratch 27Jul06 rearranged the Block Categories on the screen, switching the locations of Pen and Sensing, and Numbers and Sound, to create the familiar order of Motion, Looks, Sound, Pen, Control, Sensing, Numbers, Variables, which is found in Scratch 1.0.

New Features

Version 27Jul06 introduced Presentation Mode, effectively an early version of Full screen mode, and Stage Monitors for variables, some Reporters, and some Boolean Blocks.

Six blocks were new in Scratch 27Jul06:

The Paint Editor in Scratch 27Jul06 was remade into Dialog form, as it was in the Scratch 1.x versions.


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