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**You can see who you are following
**You can see who you are following
**You can see your recent activity
**You can see your recent activity
*A "[[See inside]]" feature on project pages where you can open a Scratch editor in your browser
*A "[[See Inside|See inside]]" feature on project pages where you can open a Scratch editor in your browser
====[[Scratch Program]]====
====[[Scratch Program]]====

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Clock.png This article or section contains information about a feature from a future version of Scratch that is unreleased and is subject to change. Please cite any additional info in order to prevent speculation.
The possible Scratch 2.0 project editor.

Scratch 2.0 is the next release of the Scratch program. The website's layout will be changed along with the new release. It will be programmed in Adobe Flash. No exact release date has been announced; the only information is that Scratch 2.0 might be released sometime in 2012.[1] Currently, Scratch 2.0 is in "alpha" status,[2] but is expected to enter "beta" stage in a few months.[3]

On February 22, 2011, a beta version for the online Flash Player was released.

The prototype of Scratch 2.0 was made publicly available from May 17 up until May 21 for Scratch Day 2012 at alpha.scratch.mit.edu.[4] jiggler.media.mit.edu redirects to alpha.scratch.mit.edu.

Release of 2.0

Scratch 2.0 might be released in bits and pieces, rather than as everything together. A member of the Scratch Team hinted that Flash might replace Java as the system that plays projects online,[5] and that was confirmed in the first Scratch 2.0 Progress Report. The Flash Player was implemented on February 22, 2011.[6] An early version of Scratch 2.0 (known as "Ye olde pre-alpha" by the Scratch Team[7]) that resembles the Experimental Viewer was previewed at Scratch Day at MIT 2011. There is a video demonstration available here. A prototype of the website and project editor was be available at alpha.scratch.mit.edu for Scratch Day @ MIT 2012.[8] A preview video of the new Scratch Website was made available on ScratchEd.


Confirmed Features

The following have been confirmed as features for Scratch 2.0:

Possible Features

The following are being discussed as possible features for Scratch 2.0:

Scratch application:

  • The ability to receive information from other websites, such as Twitter
  • Better ways to create scenes in stories and games
  • New formatting and text layout features
  • New features to make it easier for groups to collaborate on projects together
  • A 'media center', which connects to Scratch Resources, Wikimedia, OpenClipArt, and maybe more
  • An HTML Viewer using HTML5 for mobile devices, especially iOS devices, which do not support Adobe Flash[11]
Note Note: Some Scratchers attempted to make an HTML5 viewer themselves. See HTML Viewer.
  • A reporter that reports the username of the person viewing a project.[12]

Scratch website:

Scratch 2.0 Ideas Gallery

To help add more features and make Scratch 2.0 better, Scratch Team member, andresmh created a gallery[13] where users could submit projects suggesting features that should be in Scratch 2.0. The gallery's description states:

We want to know what would you do if we had these new features:
  1. Sharing projects on phones and tablets.
  2. Letting you connect your projects to interact with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  3. Making it easier for groups and companies to collaborate on projects.
  4. Creating and remix projects directly within a web browser, no need to download.
Share a project describing why you're interested in Scratch 2.0 and how you would use the new features.
Learn more about this at Interested in the future of Scratch? We need your help!

A gallery for the submitted projects was placed in the featured gallery area of the Front Page, which is where non-participating users can view the many shared projects.

The Experimental Viewer

Main article: Experimental Viewer

An experimental online project viewer was announced to the public in mid-August 2010. The look differed greatly from that of Scratch 1.4, the current version at the time.

The Scratch Team asked for bug reports, and many appeared[14].

Scratch 2.0 Progress Reports

A Scratch 2.0 Progress Report is a monthly report on the Scratch Team's progress with all features of Scratch 2.0.

February 2011

On Friday, February 11, 2011, the first of the progress report on Scratch 2.0 was released. At the top of the page it said: "This is the first in a series of monthly Scratch 2.0 updates. Each update will highlight a few new features that we’re considering for Scratch 2.0." It confirmed the following features:

  • 2.0 will run on Flash online.
  • 2.0 will allow users to toggle the size of the online player.
  • Users will be able to customize their user pages with widgets.

It also said that they were currently working on other features:

  • The ability to create new blocks, like in BYOB.
  • Blocks to show/hide lists.
  • Better tools for collaboration.
  • Ways to pull data from the web.
  • Other suggestions marked "under review" or "planned" on Scratch Suggestions.

The February reports can be found here and here.

March 2011

Main article: Procedures

On Saturday, March 26, 2011, the second progress report was released. It gave an update on the ability to create new blocks, which was planned in the previous update.

After thanking everyone who submitted bug reports for the Flash Player, it introduced building custom blocks, like in BYOB. The example given is with a simple jump script. What if you wanted to make a "jump" block? Here is a jump and move script, with the "jump" block. The Scratch Team also wants to define inserts, and drop-down menus are wanted too.[15]

The March reports can be found here and here.

May 2011

On Tuesday, May 10, 2011, the third progress report was released. It talked about Scratch 2.0 being "in the cloud" (completely online).

This means that it won’t be necessary to download and install Scratch to try it out. For another, it will be easier to see the scripts that show how a project works. Instead of downloading the project file, all you need to do is click a button to see inside and play with the code — then click another button to remix it.

A offline program will be available as well.

The May reports can be found here and here

June 2011

On Friday, June 24, 2011, a fourth report was released. It contained no information on progress, but asked Scratchers for their opinions on how the friending system should change with the next version of the Scratch Website.

It was suggested that it be more like popular social networking sites, for example you could follow or subscribe to people, and other users would have to accept a friend request before they were added to your Friend List.

The June reports can be found here and here

July 2011

On Sunday, July 31, 2011, another report was released with information on how the search system might change.

It gave a few mockups of possible future search pages, with ideas such as separating results into categories (projects, forum post, wiki entries, etc.) and being able to filter results more easily that at current.

The July reports can be found here and here.

February 2012

After a long absence, the sixth progress report was released on Thursday, February 16th, 2012. This progress report announced that Scratch 2.0 is just entering the alpha stage. It also revealed the new Project Page and Paint Editor. A new feature called the "backpack" was announced, which will allow users to save scripts, sprites, sounds, and costumes they like in it and use them in other projects.

The February reports can be found here and here.

March 2012

In the March 2012 ScratchEd Webinar, members of the Scratch Team showed a sneak preview of Scratch 2.0. A recording of the webinar is available here.

April 2012

The April post provided a time-based visualization of the development of the Scratch 2.0 website and platform, made with Gource. It can be found here.

May 2012

To commemorate Scratch Day, Scratchers around the world were allowed to test out Scratch 2.0 from May 17 through May 21 at this site.[16] A preview video was released showing many new features of Scratch. Some of these include:


  • A new GUI
  • A new Front Page
    • Recent activity section
    • Scrollable front page rows
  • New user pages
    • You can feature one of your projects
    • You can post your status
    • You can see your followers
    • You can see who you are following
    • You can see your recent activity
  • A "See inside" feature on project pages where you can open a Scratch editor in your browser

Scratch Program


Below are images of Scratch 2.0.


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