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Scratch 2.0 is the next scheduled release of Scratch. The website's layout will be changed along with the new release.
A possible layout for Scratch 2.0 found on a test site


There have been many rumors about possible features, but one cannot be sure which are true. However, ScratchR andresmh has mentioned the following items:

  • Scratch will be rewritten completely, in Flash instead of Squeak.
  • The Java Player will not be used anymore. A Flash player is to be used, directly from the Scratch project being played.
  • One can receive information from other websites, such as Twitter.
  • Scratch will be available on other platforms.
  • New features to make it easier for groups to collaborate on projects together.
  • Projects can be created, remixed, and shared directly from a web browser; no downloading required.

Release date

No specific release date has been announced, except that Scratch 2.0 will be released in at least a year from now - meaning 2010, or more likely, 2011. Testers who have signed up to beta test the program will be contacted and given the beta.

Other information

To help add more features and make Scratch 2.0 better, andresmh created a gallery where users could submit projects suggesting features that should be in Scratch 2.0. The gallery's description states:

We want to know what would you do if we had these new features:
  1. Sharing projects on phones and tablets.
  2. Letting you connect your projects to interact with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  3. Making it easier for groups and companies to collaborate on projects.
  4. Creating and remix projects directly within a web browser, no need to download.
Share a project describing why you're interested in Scratch 2.0 and how you would use the new features.
Learn more about this at: http://bit.ly/cpbB95

A gallery for the submitted projects has been placed in the featured gallery area of the Front Page, which is where non-participating users can view the many shared projects.

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