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This article is about the website feature. For the type of block, see Reporter Block.

The window shown to a user who has just reported a project.

Reporting is a feature on the Scratch Website which allows Scratchers to alert the Scratch Team when comments, forum posts, users or projects violate the Community Guidelines. After content has been reported, it gets reviewed by a member of the Scratch Team. The Scratch Team encourages users not to respond to the inappropriate content.

In Scratch 2.0, projects which have been reported became invisible to the user who reported them and showed a page similar to the "Unshared project" page. In 3.0, a red message is shown that tells the user that the Scratch Team have received their report.

Comments will also become invisible, and if enough reports are received, the comment will be deleted. Moderators can later restore a deleted comment.[1]

Misusing the report feature, such as reporting for disagreement, is not allowed and any Scratchers that do it will have action taken on their accounts, including an alert or a ban. This has happened before in circumstances known as 'false reporting'. Users have been know to do it as a sign of hate to famous Scratchers, but it has happened to all types of users across the Scratch website.

Reports can also be sent to law enforcement under very rare and serious circumstances, usually if it violates a law. As of December 2014[outdated], only 3 cases have resulted in a situation like so.[2]

Reporting Users

Click the button to report another user.
Reporting a user.

To report a user, one can go to their user page and click on the Report this profile button below the What I've Been Doing section. Then one should select whether they are reporting the username, icon, About Me or What I'm Working On. Once one has selected what they are reporting, they should either press Send to send the report to the Scratch Team or press Cancel to cancel the report.

When Should a User be Reported?

Examples when a user should be reported:

  • If their username is inappropriate
  • If they have an inappropriate icon
  • If there is inappropriate text in the description fields
  • The "user" is impersonating another user

Reporting Projects

The button to press if one thinks a project is inappropriate.
The window that appears after clicking 'report' where you type in your reason
The window that appears after clicking 'Other' in the report window, where you select one option from the second set of options.
Message given when selecting an illegitimate option

To report a project, click on the "report" link below it next to the Project Statistics, select a reason and type what the prompt commands the user to do in a box. The Scratch Team will review the project. If many users report the same project, it is temporarily removed from the site. When one reports a project, a the message on the top of this page will be shown.

Pre-written reasons

  • Copied project (Asked to give URL of the original project)
  • Uses image/music without credit (Asked to provide links which contain content not credited in the project)
  • Too violent or scary (Asked to tell why the project is violent or scary)
  • Inappropriate language (Asked to give where inappropriate language, or "swearing", occurs in the project)
  • Inappropriate music (Asked to provide name of the audio file with the inappropriate content)
  • Inappropriate images (Asked to give the name of the sprite or backdrop with the inappropriate image)
  • Sharing personal contact information (Asked to give where personal info is given)
  • Other (Older versions: Asked to tell the reason otherwise. Newer versions: Gives you another selection of options to choose from.)

As of April 2020[3], selecting Other will give you another set of options to choose from, which includes options for illegitimate reasons to report that try to prevent troll reports:

  • I don't like this project (Illegitimate reason, user doesn't like the project)
  • This project does not work (Illegitimate reason, user finds the project doesn't work correctly for them)
  • This project could be improved on (Illegitimate reason, user feels the project could use improvement)
  • This project is too hard (Illegitimate reason, user finds a project too hard to play)
  • This project is misleading or tricks the community (Project contains content meant to spread a damaging rumor, bait-and-switch projects do not count)
  • It's a face reveal or is just trying to show someone's picture (Project contains a picture of either the creator's face in real life or someone's real appearance without consent)
  • This project doesn't allow remixing (Project has a notice against remixing)
  • I'm worried about the safety of the creator of this project (User believes the project's creator is in danger)
  • Something else (Asked to give the reason if it does not fit the other ones)

False Reporting

False reporting, is the act of reporting a project when it does not break the Community Guidelines or is not otherwise inappropriate. It can often lead to the project being taken down for no reason. Many of the projects that are false reported belong to famous Scratchers. False reporting can be an attempt to take down a project, and can be problematic because it can drown actual reports. False reporting counts as spam.

Mass Reporting

Mass Reporting is when a single user or a group of users repeatedly report a project and it gets taken down. Despite the common misconceptions, mass reporting is not the same as false reporting, as mass reporting also takes down inappropriate projects, not only false reported ones.

Reporting Comments

Main article: What should I do about unfriendly comments?
An example comment that should be reported.
A reported comment
Reporting a comment.

To report a comment, simply click the "Report" button in the top-right corner. Scratchers should always report spam and inappropriate comments. Reporting comments is the only time when reporting on the Scratch website where users can not give a reason why they are reporting the comment.

Types of Comments That Should be Reported

  • If they are rude/inappropriate
  • If they are un-constructive, negative comments
  • Sharing personal information
  • Spam
  • Harmful Links

Reporting Forum Posts

The Report Button with the mouse pointer on it.

This button is used to bring a post to a moderator's attention. However, unlike common misconception, it is not only for reporting inappropriate material; it can also be used to request common tasks which require moderator abilities, like thread renaming, closing, or moving.

Neither BBCode nor HTML parse in reports.[4]

How the system works

A forum post in Scratch 1.4 that has been reported four times and placed under review.

When a post is reported, a message is sent to all the Community Moderators and members of the Scratch Team, who can process it. On Scratch 1.4 and in Scratch 2.0,[5] if a post is reported four times by four different Scratcher accounts, it is automatically hidden and the user who posted it is temporarily banned for the remainder of one day, during which time the Scratch Team can look into the issue.

Once a report is processed, a moderator will "zap" it, removing it from the queue.

What It's For

The report button should be used for reporting in the case of:

  • Inappropriate content
  • Spam
  • Posts harassing other users
  • Flame wars
  • Duplicate thread (a thread posted twice)
  • Topic in the wrong forum
  • You wanting your topic to be renamed (if you are a New Scratcher) or closed (if topic made less than 24 hours ago)
  • You wanting your topic or post to be deleted
  • Topics that should be stickied
  • Anything else that needs a moderator's attention

In the Text Based Games Forums, the report button was also used in certain topics run by moderators, such as tokens.

Reporting for no specific reason is considered spam, and is frowned upon, as it wastes the moderators' and Scratch Team's time. If a user does it once, they will receive an alert. Doing this multiple times can result in a ban.


Type into the box and click submit to report a post.
This is what the reports queue looks like from a moderator's perspective

To report a post, click on Report on the bottom right of a post. It links to a page with a comment box. Type the reason for reporting the post, then press "Submit" (or press Alt+Shift+S on your keyboard).

This page can also be accessed at:

Reporting Studios

The button to report a studio.
Reporting a studio.

To report a studio, one can simply click the "Report this studio" button beneath its thumbnail.

You can then select what you're reporting by selecting from Title, Description, or Thumbnail. You can press Send to send the report (if you've selected something), or click outside the report menu to cancel the report.

The message that shows after the studio was reported.

Reporting Classes

The button to report a class.
Reporting a class.

To report a class, click on the button that says "Report this class" below the Latest Activity section of the class's class page. Then a box should appear. Type in the reason why you are reporting the class. Then click on the Send button to send the report. If the class was making disrespectful or inappropriate comments, report those comments, not the class.

Reporting Complicated Situations

If there is a situation that cannot be reported with any of the above methods, contact the Scratch Team directly and explain the situation.

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