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Projects shared on the Scratch website have their own picture.
A project is a saved creation made in Scratch. A project can be about anything - from music to animations or art to simulations. They have been boiled down into six main genres, of which the most common are games and animations.


A project is created by opening Scratch, programming, and saving. Projects can be reopened, edited, and saved as often as one wishes.

To program in Scratch, blocks are dragged into the scripting area where they can be assembled into scripts.


One of the main points of Scratch is to allow others to view your projects and download them. Downloaded projects can be edited and remixed, with credit to the original sharer automatically given.

Uploaded projects are available on the Scratch Website. Many are displayed on the Scratch homepage, while some are advertised in the Scratch Forums. Other projects are kept hidden by their creators, but are still viewed anyway.

When viewing a project, one (if logged in) can add it to their favorites, place tags, add it to a gallery, or click a button titled the "love it". Comments can be shared, allowing a user to learn from their past projects.