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This article or section documents an outdated version of Scratch (version 2.0). For this article in Scratch 1.4, see Profile Page (1.4).

A profile page is a Scratcher's user page. It can be accessed by clicking on the "profile page" link in the dropdown on the toolbar if a Scratcher is logged in, or by clicking on the Scratcher's username next to any project, comment, or forum post by them.


A profile page contains the following sections:

User Information

This section shows the User Icon, username, status, how long ago they joined, and which country they live in.

User Information box or user box.


Main article: Username

A username marks who someone is on Scratch. It is located to the right of the user icon on profile pages.

About Me

The About me section on a profile page is where users can add some information about themselves. According to the community guidelines, private information must be kept private. That means users should never give out their full name, school name, town name, or anything else that they would not like anyone else to see and use against them. Users can put likes, dislikes, or anything else they might feel is unique about themselves in this section, but dislikes must not be offensive toward others. If a Scratcher owns a website which they would like to link to in this section (as shown in example), they must first get it approved here. There is a 200 character limit for what can be written in this box.

What I'm Working On

In this section one can write about their upcoming projects or things they are working on outside of Scratch. Similar to the "About me" section, there is a 200 character limit for what can be written in this box.

Featured Project

Main article: Featured Project (Profile Page)

Users can choose a specific project to be featured on their profile. It then shows the project's thumbnail, and gives a link to the project. It was possible to use inspect element to hack another person's project into your featured project section, but this was patched soon after discovery. Users can choose from a number of labels for this area on their profile, namely: "Featured Project", "Featured Tutorial", "Work in Progress", "Remix This!", "My Favorite Things", and "Why I Scratch".

What I've been doing

Main article: What I've been doing

The What I've been doing section show recent activity by the user. The same types of news show up here as in What's Happening? on the Front Page. Up to five of the user's activities will show up in this section. If a user hasn't done anything for a long time, their "What I've been doing" section will be blank.

Shared Projects

This section allows users to view the user's 20 most recently shared projects, if they have any, with a link to view all of their shared projects. Projects in this section will be sorted by share date, from newest to oldest.

Shared Projects box.

Favorite Projects

See also: Favorite

This section allows a user to view all of a user's favorited projects.

Favorite Projects box.

Studios I'm Following

See also: Studio

This section contains all studios that the user is following.

The Studios I'm Following row.
The Studios I Curate box.

Studios I Curate

See also: Studio

This section contains all studios that the user has curator or manager privileges in.


See also: Follower

This section lists Scratchers that the user is following.

On September 24th of 2014, the Scratch Team made it so the number of followings does not appear on userpages.[1][2] Users can, however, see how many they have if they press the "View all" button.

The Following (top) and Followers (bottom) boxes.


See also: Following

This section lists Scratchers that are following the user. Scratchers can follow other Scratchers by visiting their page, then clicking on the Follow button in the top right corner. On September 24th of 2014, the Scratch Team made it so they number of followers does not appear on userpages.[1][2] It is possible, however, see how many a user has if the "View all" button is clicked.


Main article: Comment (website feature)

Users can receive comments on their profile page. These comments are public, as are all others. This is useful when one user simply wants to tell another something. Users can also, if they wish, disable comments on their profile or delete any comment made by any user. Scratch Team members can also do that on any profiles. On September 24, 2014, the Scratch Team made it so the number of comments does not appear on users' pages.[1][2]

The Comments box at the bottom of every profile page. This one is empty.

Changes to Profile Page

As of the 24th of September 2014, the following, followers and comment count was removed from everybody's profile. The Scratch Team made an Announcements topic about the update.[3]

Why do this? We want to make sure people see someone’s projects, studios, and connections and not focus too much on the numbers. After all, it doesn’t matter if you have 10 followers or 10,000. Scratch is a place for creating, collaborating, and supporting fellow Scratchers.

– speakvisually (Scratch Team member)

Scratchers can still see the number of followers/users following by clicking on the View All button on the Followers and Following rows.

Some have made userscripts to bring back this number.[4]


Some users have suggested additions to profile pages, including an online indicator and customizable profile pages, with things like custom backgrounds and colors.[5][6] Some users have created extensions, but they were removed.[citation needed]

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