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*[[Scratch Welcoming Committee]]
*[[Scratch Welcoming Committee]]
*[[Scratch Team]](?)
*[[Scratch Team]](?)
*[[Scratch Stability Team]]
== See Also: ==
== See Also: ==

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Private Forums

Private Forums is when a forum is private, and only certain Scratchers can see a forum. On Scratch, there are a few private forums, but it's only for certain people. They talk about Scratch-related things such as; the Scratch Design Studio, Scratch Welcoming Committee, etc.

Can I Get a Private Forum

Although many people have been asking for a Private Forum, it's usually only for SDS and SWC purposes. Instead of having a private forum, you can talk in a regular forum, as long as it fits the topic of that forum.

Is the Private Forums Visible to Anyone?

No, unless you are one of the members of the Private Forum, you can't join. If you press a certain link that leads to a private forum, you're screen will mostly likely turn blank. You can always make you're own forum, although it might not be private, you could still talk to other Scratchers on that forum topic.

List of Private Forums on Scratch

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