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== Private Forums ==
<div class="faqshortanswer"><onlyinclude>Private [[Forums]] is when a [[forum]] is private, and only certain [[Scratchers]] can see a [[forum]]. On [[Scratch]], there are a few private [[forums]], but it's only for certain people. They talk about [[Scratch]]-related things such as; the [[Scratch Design Studio]], [[Scratch Welcoming Committee]], etc.</onlyinclude></div>
== Can I Get a Private Forum ==
Although many people have been asking for a Private [[Forum]], it's usually only for [[SDS]] and [[SWC]] purposes. Instead of having a private [[forum]], you can talk in a regular [[forum]], as long as it fits the topic of that [[forum]].
== Is the Private Forums Visible to Anyone? ==
No, unless you are one of the members of the Private [[Forum]], you can't join. If you press a certain link that leads to a private [[forum]], you're screen will mostly likely turn blank. You can always make you're own [[forum]], although it might not be private, you could still talk to other [[Scratchers]] on that forum topic.
== List of Private Forums on Scratch ==
*[[Scratch Design Studio]]
*[[Scratch Welcoming Committee]]
*[[Scratch Team]](?)
*[[Scratch Stability Team]]
== See Also: ==
*[[Scratch Welcoming Committee]]
*[[Scratch Design Studio]]

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