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A password is needed to log on to an account. A password is created along with an account and username. Passwords consist of letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces. A good password is not easy to guess but not hard to remember. Passwords should not be told to other users. The Scratch website requires passwords to be at least 6 characters long. It is good to write down one's password on a physical piece of paper in a safe location in case the password is ever forgotten.

Examples of Bad Passwords

  • 'password1'
  • '123456'
  • 'scratch'
  • '(your username)'
  • 'qwerty'
  • 'abcdef'
  • 'ilikehamsters1'

Ways to Make a Good Password

  • Include numbers in the password.
  • Use capital letters as well as lowercase letters.
  • Use symbols.
  • Use something about/related to you others will not know. Do not use anything along the lines of the name of your pet, your relatives, etc, or anything else sensitively personal.
  • If you insist on using a simple password (for example 'cat123'), then edit it so that it does not stay quite so easy to guess, e.g. use symbols instead of letters.
  • Use different passwords for different scratch accounts, if you have created multiple.
  • You don't always need a password sometimes try a passphrase. You could have your password to be the first letter of each word in your passphrase.

For example if my Passphrase is:

Scratch Is 2 Much Fun !


My password only a 6 character password, but super Secure!

Take a look at this:



These are very similar passwords looking at them side by side, yet one is much harder to guess than the other.

It is also possible to take a chain of 2-3 unrelated words (eg. fish, canary,spaceship), and make a randomized password (FiCas^ip).

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