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The New Scratch Members forum is a part of the Scratch Forums where new Scratchers can introduce themselves and ask for help, such as how to use the forums or a good way to begin using Scratch.

Typical threads

Surprisingly, only a low portion of the forum's threads (also called topics) are cases where users introduce themselves - most of the threads are either guides written by more experienced users, some of which are stickied.

Programming aid

Programming help is also given in the forum, despite the fact that most of it is more suitable towards the All about Scratch forum. The questions asked here are far more simple, however; as usually Scratchers have modest goals when they first start Scratching.


Usually Scratchers enthusiastically introduce themselves in a cheerful way; some have claimed to be from the moon, while some have started off with a near-paradox. Nevertheless, many Scratchers do introduce themselves, receiving warm welcomes and tips to help navigate the Scratch Website and program.


The forum is rather active, however not quite so much as other forums such as Show and Tell - but there is an amount of ten or so active threads per day.

Commercial spam

While not used so much for sharing of information, the forum is the most popular for Commercial spam; many users register only to post links to commercial sites to make money. Those users are banned, with their posts deleted.

The forum is one of the main targets of spam.