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[[File:2016 Microworlds.png|thumb|A mockup of a microworld project.]]
[[File:2016 Microworlds.png|thumb|A mockup of a microworld project.]]

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A mockup of a microworld project.

At the 2016 Scratch Conference, the Scratch Team announced plans for a project named microworlds. The name "microworld" comes from combining "micro" and "world", which symbolizes a world that teaches powerful ideas, yet having a limited scope. Interest-based microworlds are microworlds aimed at a specific interest or goal, like animation.

A Scratch microworld has a limited palette of blocks, to reduce the number of blocks a Scratcher has to dig through.

In August 2017, Scratch Team members ceebee and speakvisually presented implementation of Microworlds at Scratch2017BUD, the international Scratch conference in Budapest, Hungary.

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