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File:Scratch Maintenance.jpg
What the Scratch website looks like when in maintenance mode.

Maintenance mode is when the Scratch Team is modifying code on the Scratch Website. The website is only available to Scratch Team members during this time. Before the maintenance screen appears, the Scratch Team often gives advance warning in the [Announcements (forum)|Announcements forum]] and the news, unless the maintenance screen is only in place for a short period of time or is for an unexpected reason (see the "other causes" section for examples). Throughout the duration of the maintenance, resources such as images used in Scratch Wiki signatures are not available, although Scratch 1.4 is available for download.

Page Description

The Maintenance mode page is headed "Server Maintenance" and features the Scratch Cat holding a drill while repairing some servers. Below Scratch is some text pointing towards the Scratch Team's Twitter account, and a link to download Scratch 1.4. At the very bottom of the page is a sign off by the Scratch Team.

Other Causes

The Scratch Maintenance Screen has been used in the case of power outages and weather issues, sometimes with a modified message below the image. When this happens, users generally get a 503 "Service Unavailable" error. A similar screen was also used when the website was being updated to Scratch 2.0 from May 6, 2013 to May 9.

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