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This article is about Scratch libraries. For the general programming feature, see Library.

Libraries are sections in project editors were the user can select an example sprite or background. In Scratch 1.4, some sprites included in the library had premade scripts. Libraries are useful for those who either cannot create or do not have media to upload.

The sprites library of Scratch 3.0.

Sprites Library

This library is used to get premade sprites, sometimes including multiple costumes, on projects. There are 329 sprites in the library.


The sprites library contains many example sprites. Every library is sorted into categories. The sprites library is sorted into the following categories: All, Animals, People, Fantasy, Dance, Music, Sports, Food, Fashion, and Letters.

Backdrops Library

What the backdrop library looks like.

This library is used to get premade backdrops on projects. There are 85 backdrops in the library.


The backdrops library is sorted into the following categories: All, Fantasy, Music, Sports, Outdoors, Indoors, Space, Underwater, and Patterns.

Sounds Library

What the sound library looks like.

This library is used to get pre-made sounds on projects. Sounds can be previewed by clicking the play button to the right of the desired sound. There are 354 sounds in the library.


The sounds library is separated into the following categories: All, Animals, Effects, Loops, Notes, Percussion, Space, Sports, Voice, and Wacky.

Costumes Library

What the costumes library looks like.

The Costumes Library has the same features as the Sprites Library, except that each costume in a sprite is sorted individually and not grouped in a single sprite. There are 835 costumes in the library. It is sorted in the same categories as the sprite library.

Tutorial Library

What the tutorials library looks like.

In Scratch 3.0, the tab for tutorials was moved to a new library called the Tutorial Library. It is linked from a button at the top bar with a lightbulb. There are a total of 25 tutorials there, which if clicked, returns to the project editor and opens a Project Tutorial with a video that shows the tutorial. Pressing the arrow takes one to a step-by-step instructions area, with a "More Things to Try" at the end.

Extensions Library

What the extensions library looks like.

The extensions library is where all of the extensions are located. Extensions include PicoBoard and Lego WeDo. There are also many other hardware extensions. Scratch 3.0 added many more extensions.