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Join () ()
File:Join () ().gif
Category Operators Block
Type Reporter Block

The Join ()() block puts two strings together, but doesn't necessarily combine them to make a new value. It is a reporter block that can have other reporter/boolean blocks inside it.

Common Uses

File:Hello (answer).gif
Example script using the Join ()() Block

This block is commonly used to:

  • Use the value of a variable in a block of text
  • Use the value of the answer block in a block of text
  • Joining any two values together in a list or block of text

Offline Decimal Trick

Offline, numbers in variables and speech bubble usually round to only two decimal places. In some projects, it is necessary to have more. Using the join ()() block is one way to get many more decimal places. Simply join the operations used to get the number to nothing. Example:

The original script:

File:No join.gif

Script with more decimals:

File:Join Trick.gif

To set the number of decimal places, use a script like this: 550px

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