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Hide All Sprites
2.0 Hide All Sprites.png
Category Looks
Type Stack
Introduced in 2.0 alpha
Removed in 2.0 beta

The Hide All Sprites block was a 2.0 alpha Looks block and a Stack block that was removed. It was only available on the Stage, and would hide all sprites and delete all clones upon usage. The benefits of it are reduced scripting since "hide" would otherwise have to be inserted into every sprite.


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

This block can be replaced by adding this block to the Stage:

broadcast [hide all sprites v]

Then, on all of the sprites, add this script:

when I receive [hide all sprites v]

This can be also be added and used onto sprites also. However, depending on how many sprites the project has, it can take a long time to program this to all of the sprites in the project.


This block was removed in the Scratch 2.0 beta, for unknown reasons. One of the possible reasons could be because of the easy workaround, or because a situation where one would want all sprites hidden could be a rare occurrence.

Some users have suggested bringing it back.[1]

Example Uses

  • Setting up a scene
  • Ending a game
  • Showing different project menus

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