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Pages on the Scratch Wiki are often cached, which means that the page isn't the most recent version of the page. One may wish to purge an article to clear the page server's cache. This is especially useful for pages that have transclusions, as transcluded content sometimes don't update instantly.


It is recommended that a hard refresh is carried out first, especially after uploading an image. There are two ways to purge an article, the simple link manipulation or the absolute link manipulation way.

Simple Link Manipulation

To begin the purge, go to a page and edit the page. In the website link, find the following text:


This text is usually located at the end of the link. Simply change the "edit" part to "purge" as follows:


After this step is completed, load this new URL and the article should be purged.

Absolute Link Manipulation

Replace "(pagename)" with the page name of the article you want to purge below, and paste the following link into your browser. Load the link, and the article specified should be purged. If this is not the case and instead an article not found page appears, the page name specified does not exist on the wiki.

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