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Gobo is a sprite that comes with all installations of Scratch. With 20,176 uses on Scratch as of February 14, 2011, it is the ninth most common sprite used on projects uploaded to the Scratch Website (after buttonPressed).[1]


The Gobo sprite is the most commonly used sprite in the Fantasy category of Scratch costumes. Because of this, the name Gobo can be used for lots of things like:

  • A Gobo species
  • The Gobo sprite named Gobo (and possibly other creatures with him/her)
  • A family with the surname Gobo
  • Just the sprite and no relationship to the word Gobo at all

The Scratcher called 'gobo' can be found here.

A modified version of Gobo is used as the logo for the Scratch modification, Build Your Own Blocks.


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