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Gobo is a sprite that comes with all installations of Scratch. Gobo was named by Scratch Team member Natalie Rusk.[1] It was drawn by Wing Ngan.[2] On February 14, 2011, the Scratch Team announced that Gobo was the ninth most common sprite used in projects uploaded to the Scratch Website (after buttonPressed).[3] It is unknown how commonly the sprite has been used more recently.

Name Origin

Gobo was named by Scratch Team member Natalie Rusk. According to Natalie, she got the idea from Gobo vegetable, or known as burdock root in English.[4]


The Gobo sprite is the most commonly used sprite in the Fantasy category of Scratch costumes and the only creature made by the Scratch Team.

A modified version of Gobo is used as the logo for the Scratch modification Build Your Own Blocks. It has a "tail" depicting the Greek lowercase letter lambda (λ), which, in computer science, represents the time window over which a process is observed for determining the working memory set for a digital computer's virtual memory management.


_gobo_ Gobo Image

In a comment, if a user types _gobo_, it will turn into a Gobo head. This image was introduced in Scratch 2.0, alongside _waffle_.

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