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Gobo is a sprite that comes with all installations of Scratch. Gobo was named by Scratch Team member Natalie Rusk.[1] It was drawn by Wing Ngan.[2] On February 14, 2011, the Scratch Team announced that Gobo was the ninth most common sprite used in projects uploaded to the Scratch Website (after buttonPressed).[3] It is unknown how commonly the sprite has been used more recently.

Gobo was originally named "Blob".[4]

Name Origin

Gobo was named by Scratch Team member Natalie Rusk. According to Natalie, she got the idea from Gobo vegetable, also known as burdock root in English.[5]


The Gobo sprite is the most commonly used sprite in the Fantasy category of Scratch costumes and the only creature made by the Scratch Team.

A modified version of Gobo is used as the logo for the Scratch modification Build Your Own Blocks. It has a "tail" depicting the Greek lowercase letter lambda (λ), which, in computer science, represents the time window over which a process is observed for determining the working memory set for a digital computer's virtual memory management.


_gobo_ Gobo Image

In a comment, if a user types _gobo_, it will turn into a Gobo head. This image was introduced in Scratch 2.0, alongside _waffle_.

See Also


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