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This article or section documents the current version of Scratch (version 3.0). For this article in Scratch 2.0, see Front Page (2.0). For this article in Scratch 1.4, see Front Page (1.4).
The top of the front page when not logged in
The top of the front page when logged in

The Front Page, sometimes abbreviated as FP, is a common term that refers to the Scratch Homepage, where many projects are shown in varied rows — from projects selected by curators to projects that have been featured by the Scratch Team to projects that are being liked, or even remixed. The front page is usually a piece for fame.

In some cases, a project is deemed inappropriate for the front page and marked Not For Everyone. Projects with animated thumbnails are also marked Not For Everyone because they can make the front page slower.[1]


See also: Scratch Website#History

On July 15, 2015, an "About" button was added to the website header.[2] In addition to the "About" button being added, the search bar was also off-centered and shorter. Some users were upset about this[3] and even made a suggestion with many supporters to have the update reversed.[4]

On the 26th of October, 2015, the Scratch Team completely redesigned the front page.[5] The new design is now used by a large part of the Scratch website.

Upon the release of Scratch 3.0, the Front Page was redesigned with a large banner across the top. The Tips Page was changed and renamed to Ideas. The link on the front page was also changed to use the new name.

What's Happening?

Main article: Activity Feeds#What's Happening?

The "What's Happening?" section is shown in the top-left of the page. It shows recent activity by Scratchers the logged-in user is following. This includes sharing, remixing, loving, and favouriting projects, following users and studios, and adding projects to studios.

When the user's language is set to Meow, the 'What's Happening?' text reads: 'WHAT'S HAPPENIN RIGHT MEOW?', also when the user's language is set to Edible Scratch, it will read 'What's Cookin'?'. These languages were used as part of the April Fools Day pranks in 2014 and 2015.

Scratch News

Main article: Scratch News

The Scratch News section is shown in the top-right of the page. The Scratch Team publishes short news items here. Most have a longer version accessible on the official news page, and a link to a forum topic.

When the website language is set to Meow, the 'Scratch News' text reads 'SCRATCH MEWS'; if it is set to Edible Scratch, it will be "Eater's Digest".

This section used to be located on, however, it was replaced by the Announcements forum, and the previous news page is no longer being used.[6]


The Front Page consists of seven to ten rows when logged in (depending on whether one is following any Scratchers or studios), and six when logged out. Each row displays 5 projects or 4 studios (depending on the row) at a time, but are scrollable to show up to twenty projects.

  1. Featured Projects: When the Scratch Team greatly likes a project, they feature it here. Projects can be recommended to be featured in this studio.
  2. Featured Studios: This row is similar to the above one, except that this is where studios are featured.
  3. Projects Curated by [curator]: The current Scratch curator picks five projects that go on this row.
  4. Scratch Design Studio: This row randomly displays a selection of projects in the current Scratch Design Studio.
  5. Projects Loved by Scratchers I'm Following: This section displays recent projects that users one is following have loved. This row is shown only to logged-in users that are following other users.
  6. What the Community is Remixing: This section displays the projects that achieved the most remixes in the last ten days.
  7. What the Community is Loving: This section displays the projects that achieved the most loves in the last ten days.

Some projects are exempt from the top ten. These include projects that are already featured or curated or projects by a user who has another project on the front page. If a project is in the Top Loved, it will not be shown in Top Remixed. In these cases, the eleventh, twelfth, or lower ranked projects are added to the choices.

Other Rows

Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.

There are two more rows from older versions that are no longer included in the website. Top Downloaded: This section used to display the projects that were downloaded the most in the last ten days. Surprise Projects: This section used to display random projects from the Scratch Website. It was removed due to sometimes not being appropriate.

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