Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective. For information on the feature that replaced this one, see Follow.

A friend was a Scratcher that had been added to another Scratcher's friend list. When a friend was added, they were not entitled to any personal information that had been used to register, other than their username. Once someone was added as a friend, new projects they share would show up under the "My Friends' Latest Projects" section on the Front Page.

Note Warning: No matter how close you feel to a friend on Scratch, never share personal information (like your birthdate, real name, password, where you live) or agree to meet up in public with them.

Adding Friends

To add friends, all that was needed to do was go to the wanted user's profile and select the "add to friends" button. Once done, the user would receive a private notification that they had been added to one's friend list.

Removing Friends

To remove users from one's friend list, one could visit one's friend list page and click the X's on the right of each added user's username.


Scratchers added others for reasons such as:

  • Someone may have given help on a project
  • To see any future projects the Scratcher will make
  • If they know them in real life
  • If they've posted a friendly comment on a project
  • If they join a particular gallery
  • Because they consider that user an online friend

This works because when one logs into an account, to the Scratch servers, it appears as though that person's IP is logged into the other account, yet the page does not update in realtime, meaning that a user can befriend themselves.

Current Friend System

The current system is based upon following instead of friending.

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