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Where the follow button is located on a profile.
The follow button.
The page showing who someone is following.

A follower is a Scratcher who has followed another Scratcher's profile. Followers see the projects of Scratchers they follow in the "Projects by Scratchers I'm Following" section of the Front Page and the activity (liking, favoriting, or sharing projects) of Scratchers followed in the What's Happening section of the front page.

Following was known as friending prior to the release of Scratch 2.0.

Following a Scratcher

A notification that pops up in Messages and Notifications when a Scratcher follows someone.

Scratchers can be followed via the follow button on their profile, located in the top-right corner. The Scratcher followed will receive a private notification that they have been followed, and the activity feeds will show that the user are following them. The blue "follow" button will then become a gray "unfollow" button. The maximum number of people a user can follow for one account is 10,000.[1] Scratchers are unfollowed the same way that they are followed, but by pressing the "unfollow" button instead. The "unfollow" button is subsequently replaced by a blue "follow" button.


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Scratchers often follow other Scratchers for some of the following reasons:

  • They appreciate the Scratcher's work
  • Someone may have given help on a project or a studio
  • To see any future projects the Scratcher will make (This is usually found in the What's Happening section of the homepage.)
  • If they know them in real life
  • If the Scratcher has posted a friendly comment on a project
  • If they join a particular studio
  • Because they consider that user an online friend
  • They like the user or the user has been very famous.
  • The user is a Follow-All or Kindness account

Scratchers unfollow other Scratchers for some of the following reasons:

  • They lost interest in the person's projects
  • The Scratcher was unkind to them
  • The Scratcher has not been on Scratch for a long time

Followers and Following Rows

On a Scratcher's profile page, two rows related to following will appear. The "following" row shows Scratchers that the user is following, or "[username] isn't following anyone yet" if nobody is being followed. The "follower" row shows the followers (all Scratchers who are following the user). If the user does not have any followers, the row is hidden entirely.

Following Trends

Free Follow Accounts

Some users create accounts with the goal of following as many Scratchers as possible by navigating around the website following every user they encounter. Sometimes people ask to be followed in their profile comments as well. This can amount up to thousands of follows, for the more prolific free follow accounts.

Many users consider accounts created for the sole purpose of following people spam[2] and such accounts are routinely banned.[3] Although there are still a few floating around today, it is rare to find an active free-follow account.[citation needed] Most have either been blocked or quit because of all the requests.

To help stop Free Follow accounts, the word 'follow' cannot be put as a username when creating an account.[4]

Following Users with the JavaScript Console

It is possible to follow users through the developer console, which allows following users that could not normally be followed (for example, following deleted users or following oneself) using the following script:

$.ajax({type:"PUT",url:""+prompt("Enter a user to follow:",Scratch.INIT_DATA.LOGGED_IN_USER.model.username)+"/add/",data:{usernames:Scratch.INIT_DATA.LOGGED_IN_USER.model.username}})

Self-Following with a Second Account

One trend in the Scratch community is for a Scratcher to follow themselves by using an alternate account. This is most frequently done by loading a profile while simultaneously switching to a different account, which allows the account to be followed from the new account instead of the previous one. When a Scratcher follows themselves, they will see their own activity alongside other Scratchers they have followed.

Following Deleted Users

There were several functional bugs allowing people to follow deleted users, which caused a trend among users who frequented the Advanced Topics forum in which they followed the user kaj and other deleted users. The trend later spread to other users.[citation needed] The majority of design flaws were later patched by revising the API that allowed the users to do so.

Follow for Follow

The "follow for follow" practice, commonly abbreviated as "F4F", is when a user follows another user in exchange for being followed back. This is a common attempt for fame. This practice has received a large amount of controversy, as it can be seen as placing too much emphasis on the number of followers rather than the quality of projects.[5][6][7][8] Some users agree to do follow for follow with another user, only to unfollow them seconds later, simply in order to get more followers.[citation needed] Many users put notices on their profile mentioning that they refuse to do F4F, and vice versa. The practice is frequently proposed to be banned, but the Scratch Team has refused to ban it.[9]

Follow Bots

Follow bots are automated processes that follow a large number of other Scratch members. The Scratch Team routinely suspends follow bots as they are believed to be a violation of the Community Guidelines.[citation needed]

Following Other Things

Following Studios

Studios can also be followed, similarly to profile pages, by pressing the "follow" button in the studio activity. Followed studios can be accessed at the "Studios I'm Following" row on one's profile. Studios can also be unfollowed in the same fashion as users. Following a studio does not result in studio activity messages, only managing or curating a studio.

Following Topics

Topics in the Scratch discussion forums can also be followed by clicking the "follow discussion" button in the top right of a topic and unfollowed by pressing the "unfollow" button. Following a topic results in notifications whenever a new post is created in that forum topic. However, closed topics cannot normally be followed, as new posts cannot be created until the topic is re-opened.

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