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The Featured Studios row.

The Featured Studios section on the Front Page shows studios that the Scratch Team has deemed interesting enough to feature. Some studios are featured because the ST wants to inspire the community to make new kinds of projects.[1]

Before October of 2015, only four studios were shown. In October of 2015, the Scratch Website was redesigned and the number of featured studios at a time was changed to five.

The Featured Galleries sidebar section before 2.0.

The Featured Studios section is the second row from the top, below the Featured Projects row.

Unlike Featured Projects, one can suggest one's studio to be featured in the "Propose Studios to be Featured" topic. Studios can be suggested here.


In the 1.x website, before the release of 2.0, there was an analogous list in the sidebar, called "Featured Galleries". It only showed 3 galleries at a time. When Scratch 2.0 was released, galleries were changed to studios.

Currently Featured Studios

The current featured studios are: (Starting with most recently featured.)

  • DIY Studio[2] (Created by Scratcher JZDA)
  • Conlanging - create your own language![3] (Created by Scratcher Splo)
  • Everyone Has a Story[4] (Created by Scratcher cartoonnetwork)
  • ✏️Writers Unite! ✏️[5] (Created by Scratcher Inksplatter)
  • Sound Visualizers[6] (Created by Scratcher yzyzyz)

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  1. scmb1. (10/11/2017). "Often when we feature studios, it inspires Scratchers to try to make new types of projects (like spiral art or mouse trails)"