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Operating Systems Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (Experimental)
Purpose for creation Combining the simplicity of programming in Scratch with the advanced tools provided by Java for Lego Mindstorms NXT
Developer(s) clintonb
Programming language Squeak
Released? Yes
Compatible with Scratch 1.4
Official Website
Archived Forum Topic ar-topic:49237
Active No

Enchanting is a Scratch Modification that can connect to Lego Mindstorms, a family of hardware.


One must first flash one's computer brick's firmware by going to File>> Flash Firmware, then pressing "OK".

From there, these new blocks can be used for Lego Mindstorms products.

Motor Port A - Enchanting Wiki.png

Motor Port B - Enchanting Wikipedia.png

Motor Port C - Enchanting Wikipedia.png


An incorrect loop can cause the software to glitch out and get stuck in the project screen. However, if the restart button is pressed then the brick will restart and show the home screen.

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  • An NXT or EV3 computer
  • Java

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