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The EV3 is a Scratch extension in Scratch 3.0, based off of the two EV3 programming kits from Lego. Although the EV3 family has two kits, the two kits mainly have the following: motors, a brick ("computer" of the robot), and lego parts.

Connecting an EV3

To connect one's EV3, they must go to the extensions menu. Then they have to click on the EV3 extension. It will then look for EV3s but if one is not found it will take the user to a screen which will tell them to install Scratch Link. It can be installed here. All one needs to do is follow the instructions.


The EV3 extension has 11 blocks in total. Of these 11, 3 are hat blocks, 4 are stack blocks, 3 are boolean blocks, and 3 are reporter blocks.


The EV3 Education kit has the following features:

  • Lego Technic Parts
  • Cables
  • A variety of sensors
  • A "brick"

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