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This article or section documents the current version of Scratch (version 3.0). For this article in Scratch 2.0, see Development of Scratch 2.0. For this article in Scratch 1.0, see Development of Scratch 1.0.
The first mockup of Scratch 3.0

The Development of Scratch 3.0 was a long process taking many years, before the official release on January 2nd 2019.[1]


The Scratch 3.0 Alpha Editor on 2017/10/09

The alpha of Scratch 3.0 let users take a better look at what Scratch 3 would bring and was released at It had a more modern look and feel and the editor was constantly being updated with new features and options. The following changes were made to Scratch 2 during Scratch 3's alpha stage:

  • The stage was moved to the right.
  • The pen and music categories were moved into the extensions library.[2]
  • Several other extesnions for Scratch 3 were announced, including text-to-speech and Google Translate.


The beta of Scratch 3.0 was released on August 1st 2018[2] at, alongside the Scratch 3.0 Beta forum. Scratchers were encouraged to take a look at the beta and give their feedback to the Scratch Team in the forum. The beta marked the release of several extensions, and other prominent features in the editor.


Main article: Scratch 3.0 Beta (forum)
The Scratch 3.0 Beta forum.

The Scratch 3.0 Beta forum was created so that Scratchers using the beta of Scratch 3.0 could give their suggestions and ideas, as well as reporting any bugs they might find. The forum experienced a surge in activity when it was created. It was located at

Although it was created for the reasons stated above, the forum was mainly used by Scratchers who did not like the beta and wanted to continue using Scratch 2.0.[3][4]


During the Beta phase there were many bugs and bugs fixed. Scratchers who tried the beta discovered many bugs and reported them on this topic.

Examples of Bugs

  • Speed
    • Despite Scratch 3.0 being made in HTML5, it used up too much memory.
    • The custom blocks tab was slow to navigate.
  • Miniatures of the Costumes Page not being scaled to the sprite size.
  • Video being enabled by default in in the video sensing extension


  • Fix for the bug where switching away from the "code" tab to the "costumes" or "sounds" tab could cause a crash
  • Fix for unreachable costumes/sounds at the bottom of a long list
  • Fix for sprite tiles disappearing after changing zoom level/resizing the window
  • Fix for the bug where one was able to undo back to other sprites' code on the workspace after switching sprites
  • Fix for the bug where sharing blocks multiple times could cause a crash
  • Fix for the bug where sprites imported from Scratch 2.0 would not be in the correct layer order or sprite-selector order.

Final Release (3.0)

The screen.
The final release was on the 2nd of January 2018. The Scratch Website was put into Maintenance Mode starting at 7:00 AM EST.[1] When one tried to access the Scratch Website during maintenance mode, a colourful screen would show, saying that "the new Scratch is almost here! Check back later today" with a link to the Scratch Team's Twitter Account saying "follow us for updates."



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