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Customizable user page is an idea presented on for improving the user pages on the Scratch website.

Lightnin* from the scratch team suggested that Scratchers make mockups of what this may look like and join the discussion on the Forum. [1] Scratchers posted and a list was compiled from the ideas summarizing the ideas posted from Scratcher's comments and mockups. [2] [3] Lightnin* later suggested that we have a wiki of the most important ideas.[4]

Summary of all ideas


  • Changeable background image
  • Changeable "featured project"


  • Changeable background image
  • Changeable "featured project"


  • Changeable message.
  • Arrangeable projects. (drag and drop.)

Lucario621 suggested to sort by date added, most viewed, most loved, most remixed, as well as arrangeable.


  • Latest section
  • Promoted projects section
  • Show latest checkbox
  • Show promoted checkbox
  • Show favorites checkbox


  • Separate settings page
    • changeable colors: background, friend box, ignore list, gallery box,
    • featured project? none, newest, top-viewed, choose proj.
    • show message? checkbox, and changeable message.


  • Changeable backgrounds
  • Changeable message.
  • Projects sortable by favorites, top loved, top viewed.
  • A place for comments at the bottom of page.

Later listed: " changeable background messages on userpage ability to arange projects. "


  • "Change color" link that shows color pickers for parts.
  • Uploadable background or color. able to flag as inappropriate.
  • changeable message (300 chars max.)
  • sort by date, views, love-its, remixes


  • arrangeable projects.
    • ability to select a project then a button to take that project to the front of the list.


  • rearrange sections. "Move the whole project section to the top, and move your user details to the bottom, or viceversa!"


  • "AWARD SELECTED PROJECTS: Place an award on your 5 best projects, It will appear as a blur dot under the picture-thingy"
  • Changeable bio
  • Changeable background/color, can upload image.


  • Make a user page look like a YouTube channel. (like mine)
  • Choose either Center or Tile for your background image
  • Make the sidebar where all your uploads and favourites are the same for projects
  • Make that huge box where a video you want to feature goes(Choose a favourite, make it so it displays{and toggle on and off autoplay} your most recently uploaded project, or a specific one of your projects).
  • etc.


  • All projects and resources the user made and likes in the same list/gallery.
  • Make it easy for the user and visitors to filter the list by:
    • what the user made/likes,
    • projects/resources (sprites, costumes, backgrounds, scripts),
    • tags (the user added or agrees with). (...with hopefully the easiest to understand and use faceted search UI.)
  • Changable featured project or resource. (drag and drop from the filtered list.)
    • with short changeable request for help for attention. (also shown as a signature when leaving comments.)
  • Star or "favorite" things to make them sticky at top of the filtered and unfiltered list.
  • Changable colors (perhaps background image too.)
  • Changeable bio
  • Also option to pick from a set of background/color schemes, like twitter.


  • All customizable items flagable.

"1. All customizable parts of the page -like background images, and text for the user's "status"- should be flagable, even if it just has a small flag icon next to it. "

  • Simple, easy to understand interface; not confusing or scary.

"2.The interface must be simple enough so that someone with no experience programming will feel comfortable with it. They don't have to be able to understand and take advantage of all customizability on their first glance (although, that would be a nice goal). But it shouldn't feel confusing or scary at all, or interfere with the process of signing up, logging in, and getting started."


  • Changeable bio
  • Changeable background/color


  • "Show Background" button. When you press it, everything except the navigation bar at the top (project icons, user icon, galleries, and favorites included) will disappear, so the background is visible!
  • Changeable background/color


  • Changeable bio - "About Me" section.
    • Favorite food
    • Favorite show
    • Favorite subject (click to edit these)
  • Changeable featured project. "Showcased project"
    • Lists number of comments, remixes, views, love-its below.
  • Buttons for sorting projects list by views, love-its, remixes, newest.
  • Ability to rearrange projects.
    • Click and drag the 4 way arrow icon on projects in this list to rearrange them.


  • Changeable background image
  • Changeable "featured project"

Lightnin* added "Nice! Would you paint the background images yourself? ... I mean would the user open up the drawing section of Scratch, and create their own backgrounds?"


  • Changeable "featured project"
    • the featured project is large and plays on the user page.
  • "On that page you will not only customize your page, but your front page and other settings as well. Such as"
    • Change Userpage Color
    • Change Usepage Background
    • Change Userpage featured Project
    • Show top remixed?
    • Show top viewed?
    • Show top loved?
    • Show friends latest?
    • Show curators?
  • "You should be able to make your own front page categories. Like:"
    • Category name: Untitled
    • Show at the: Top, Bottom
    • Display:
      • Most viewed
      • Most Commented
      • Most Loved
      • Most Remixed
      • Friends Projects
      • Most Favorited
      • Random My Favorites
    • "That will make it so you could blend some categories together"


  • "How about just like Youtube user pages?"
    • name your channel
    • make a picture background
    • etc.
  • "But I like Jonathanpb's mockup."


  • "My projects" Sortable by Date, Views, Love its, Remixes, Custom.
  • Side bar
    • "Best project"
    • "My all-time favorite project"
    • "A Project I want people to look at"
    • "My most popular project"
    • Comments
  • (Favorites section shown, but not filterable or sortable.)
  • Changable bio. "Information" with sections:
    • "How long have you been scratching?"
    • "What do you think of scratch?"
    • "Do you have any real friends on scratch?"

Lightnin* added "Also, allowing comments on a user's my stuff page might be fertile ground for conflicts -- that's one reason why we've kept comments to galleries and projects only so far."


  • "About Me" section, but use Scratch instead of text.
    • "You could make a Scratch project "About me" and share it to your profile. Then click the "About Me" box on your my stuff page. You would then be prompted to select a single project as your "About Me" project. Its thumbnail would then appear in the "About Me" section so visitors could click on it and be taken to that project.


  • Large playable project on user page, but only starts when user user clicks on it.


  • Editable bio. "Message, a short message of you."
  • Draggable Projects to Arrange, to put your best projects in front.
  • Color and Background Switch, or Themes
  • Choose which catagories of projects.

"For example, you know how there is the My Projects and My Favorites? They could have it optional for all of these: All My Projects My Games My Animations My Other Projects My Favorites"

  • Changable featured project. "User Featured Stuff, like the user selects their own project or gallery to say it is the ones they want everyone to look at."
  • "My Top Fave, like ONE project that the user selects make by another user."
  • Status, like on Facebook but for what projects you are working on.


  • 40 available designs

(list to be completed soon.)

Some of the most suggested ideas

- Changeable background image or color, uploadable image. - Changeable bio or message. - Changeable featured project. - Projects sortable by favorites, top loved, top viewed. (by popularity on the site.) - Projects arranged by the user, (by what the user thinks of the project.) - Comments section. - All customizable items flagable.

(list to be completed soon.)