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Customizable user pages was an idea presented on Scratch Suggestions for improving the user pages on the Scratch Website. It is also commonly suggested on the forums.[1]

Lightnin from the Scratch Team suggested that Scratchers make mockups of what this may look like and join the discussion on the Forum.[2] Scratchers posted and a list was compiled from the ideas summarizing the ideas posted from Scratchers' comments and mockups.[3][4] Lightnin later suggested that we have a list on the wiki of the most important ideas.[5]

List of Common Ideas

  • Changeable background image
  • Changeable colors of the background, followers box, studio box
  • Changeable message(s)/biography
  • Arrangeable or filterable projects by most viewed, most loved, most remixed, as well as customarily
  • Choose which sections to show
  • List number of comments, remixes, views, love-its below projects
  • Base the page design off of popular networking websites like Twitter or YouTube
  • List of preset designs

Accepted Ideas

The Scratch Day 2012 alpha had two customizable sections on My Stuff Pages: "About me", and "What I'm working on". They could be edited by the page owner by clicking on either section and they could be reported if anything against the Community Guidelines is found.

It also had a featured project section, which showed the users latest shared project. A "What I've been doing" section, showing recent activity, was also present.

All four of these features can still be found on every Scratcher's profile page, as well as a place for commenting on someone's profile page.

The widget idea was accepted and planned[6] but never made it to the final product.


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