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The Curator row on the front page.

A curator is a Scratcher who, for a shift of two weeks, features three projects of their choice on the Front Page via their recent favorites. They can choose whatever projects they like in those two weeks and change them, as long as the projects are not their own, do not belong to a member of the Scratch Team, and follow the Terms of Use. The Scratch Team recommends that curators change their choice of projects on the front page at least twice a week, although curators have the option to change the projects as often as they wish.[1]


Curators were introduced on May 5, 2009.[2] A thread in the Announcements forum declared the future row for the front page. It asked users to apply for the position, and many did. More and more users have applied, making the thread one of the most popular in the Scratch Forums, though only 89 have currently been chosen (about 1/14000 of registered users).

On June 1, 2009, the curator channel slot was finally implemented, with cheddargirl as the first curator. The original title of the curator channel was "Projects Curated by [user]", with [user] being a link to the current curator's user page. This, however, was changed within the first few days after it was discovered that many Scratchers confused the word "curator" with "creator" and were ignoring the projects favorited by the curator.[3][4] Because the design of the channel title was drawing attention away from the projects selected by the curator, the title was renamed to "Projects Selected by Curator" and the link to the curators user page was removed. The current title of the channel is supplemented with a "Learn more" link, which leads to an information page on the Scratch Website explaining the role and position of Scratch curators. Some people want the link to the curator's My Stuff Page.[5]

Scratchers cannot become a curator twice, as was said by Lightnin:[6]

Well, there's so many bajillions of great Scratchers who've never even gotten to be curator once, I don't think it'd really be fair to let someone go twice....

– Lightnin, Scratch Team at MIT

However, if a person has applied and not been chosen, s/he can apply for the curator position again after a while.[7]

Tips for making good speeches

Making good curator speeches is not difficult. Some guidelines for good speeches include:

  • Giving examples of the type of projects you will curate. A broader spectrum of projects is better than just games, for example.
  • Saying why you want to be curator.
  • Telling how you will pick projects.
  • Saying how often you will choose projects.

Also, saying "I want to be curator", and nothing else, will probably not get you a curator position.

List of Curators

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There have been 89 curators so far. The current curator is stevetheipad.