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Change Size by ()
Change Size by ().png
Category Looks
Type Stack

The Change Size by () block is a Looks block and a Stack block. The block changes its sprite's size by the specified amount. The default sprite size is 100 - size values below that are for shrunken sprites, and size values above that are for overlarge sprites.

Behind the Scenes

The block can be replicated with the following code:

File:How to get around the Change Size by () block.png

Common Uses

As this block changes its sprite's size, it is used whenever a sprite's size must be changed. Some common uses are:

  • A sprite in a 3D world that must change its size as it moves along the plain
  • A growing object
  • A shrinking object
  • Changing the size of a paintbrush for painting
  • Draining a pool of water by shrinking the water sprite