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Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.
Change Pen Color by ()
2.0 Change Pen Color by ().png
Category Pen
Type Stack
Removed in 3.0

The Change Pen Color by () block was a Pen block and a stack block. The block changed the pen's color by the specified value. There are 200 possible colors looping in a rainbow. In Scratch 3.0, this block was replaced by Change Pen () by ().

Example Uses

In projects that use the pen, the pen must have a certain color — this block can change it.

Some common uses for the Change Pen Color by () block were:

  • Iterating through pen color values while the sprite is moved to create colorful art
    if <((timer) mod (1)) = [0]> then
        change pen color by (1)
  • Varying pen colors for an art program
    change pen color by (loudness)
    wait (2) secs
  • In projects that "draw" objects with the pen, changing the color of the object(s)
repeat (360)
    move (1) steps
    turn cw (1) degrees
    change pen color by ((2) / (3.6))


This block could not be replicated with other Scratch blocks, due to the fact that there was no block that held the pen color.

However, if the block existed, the Change Pen Color by () block could be replaced with the following code:

set pen color to ((pen color) + (amount))

One could use the workaround, though it requires a "pen color" variable and the following script:

when gf clicked
   set pen color to (pen color)

To set the pen color, use the Set () to () block; to change it, use the Change () by () block.

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