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Change Costume by ()
Change Costume By ().gif
Category Looks
Type Stack
Removed in November 2006 Beta
The Change Costume by () block was a Looks block and a Stack block. This used to advance the current costume to the next ones. It was replaced in the November 2006 Beta by the
next costume
block due to a bug workaround, and it was made an obsolete block. This block is not in Scratch 2.0 (the Flash Player) anymore, but is still usable in Scratch 1.4.


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

This block can be replicated with the following code:

switch costume to ((costume #) + (x))
Note Note: This won't change the costume back to costume 1 if the number that is reached is greater than the number of costumes.

with x being the number of costumes you want to advance. If the number is only one it is possible to use:

next costume // Only advances costume by 1

If the number of costumes that one wishes to advance is greater than 1 and must return from the last costume to the first it is possible use the following code:

repeat (x)
   next costume

where x is the number by which the costumes need to be changed.

Example Uses

Since it was removed, the change costume by () is red. But if it wasn't removed, it would likely be commonly used in animation projects and with the wait block.

when gf clicked
change costume by (1)::looks
wait (0.5) secs

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