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Change () Effect by ()
Change () Effect by ().png
Category Looks
Type Stack

The Change () Effect by () block is a Looks block and a Stack block. The block changes the specified effect on its sprite by the specified amount. There are six different effects to choose from: color, fisheye, whirl, pixelate, mosaic, brightness and ghost.


This block cannot be replicated with other Scratch blocks, due to the fact that there is no block that holds the effect amount. However, if the block existed, the Change () Effect by () block could be replicated with the following code:

File:Change () Effect by () Workaround.gif

Nevertheless, that is how Scratch itself does it.

Example Uses

As this block changes an effect, it is used whenever an effect's value must be changed - some common uses are:

  • Changing the color of a graffiti can with the color effect
  • Using the fisheye effect to make a sprite look like it is in water
  • Whirling sprites with the whirl effect
  • Pixelating sprites with the pixelate effect
  • Creating the illusion of multiple sprites with the mosaic effect
  • Creating different brightness levels with the brightness effect
  • Making creatures transparent with the ghost effect

There can be multiple effects on a sprite at once - effects can be combined to produce even more brilliant effects.