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The shape of one of the C blocks.
A C block (also known as Wrap block) is a block that is shaped like a C, so other blocks can fit inside it. These blocks perform the checks and loops. There are six C blocks, and they can be found in the Control category.


C blocks are made up of mouths (C's) - the blocks that will be played with the C block go in these mouths. All but one of the C blocks consist of one mouth - the other, If (), Else, consists of two C's.


As C blocks are for checks and loops, they are used almost everywhere. Some include:

  • Things that must go on forever
  • Checking a condition
  • Repeating an animation a certain amount of times

Here is an example for both checks and looping:

File:An example script for C blocks.png

There is a check (the If () block is checking if the variable Health has a value of 0), and inside the check is a repeat loop (with the Repeat () block). Note how C blocks can be placed inside other C blocks.