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A bugis an abnormality in computer software that is not intended by the developers of the software. It arises from errors in programming and can be fixed through software updates. In Scratch, many users may have bugs in their projects, especially ones in the process of development.


Bugs have been present ever since the dawn of computer software. Computer software is developed by humans, not other computer software (which would have to be bug-free itself), and humans make mistakes or are forgetful when coding. A bug does not resolve from a syntax error in coding - that would result in an entire program not functioning. A bug results from proper-syntax coding that has a flaw in the functioning of the program as a whole.

Video games commonly have bugs. Bug testers are paid employees who play video games before they are released to check for any glitches. Typically, all the bugs are never caught, resulting in players uploading footage online of various in-game glitches. In the modern-day world, software updates can be released via the Internet after a product is released to fix any bugs. Some argue this has made developers lazy by releasing incomplete software, knowing they can fix the issues later.

Graphical Bugs

Graphics is the display of any operating software, including video games. Graphical bugs are present when an abnormality appears in the video due to an error or flaw in the programming of a software's graphics. Any example is a major discoloration, or any spazzing lines and colors. Like non-graphical glitches, they can usually be fixed via software updates.

Scratch Bugs

The Scratch site and software have had numerous bugs in the past. Not only does the site, but the content created on the site. Scratch is a site designed for new programmers, so many projects have numerous bugs since the programmers are inexperienced.

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