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The Block Palette.
The Block Palette is the area on the left side of the Scratch program that blocks can be dragged from. The blocks fall under the following categories: Control, Motion, Looks, Sound, Pen, Sensing, Operators, and Variables.


File:Palette 2.png
Dragging and dropping a block.
Blocks can be dragged and dropped from the Block Palette into the Script Area. When you drag a block from the Block Palette, a copy of it follows the mouse until you "drop" it where you need it. Dragging a block from the Script Area to the Block Palette will delete the block from the Script Area.
File:Right-click on a block in the palette.png
Right clicking on a block brings up the "help" option.

Right-clicking a block in the palette will give you a drop-down menu with the only option being help. This option will give you information on how to use the block. The "help" option will appear any time a block is right-clicked; in the block palette and script area. Help is also available if a button — such as Make a var.png — is right-clicked.

The box to click to show/hide a Stage monitor.
The block palette is also the area that allows you to show or hide Stage monitors. This can be done by clicking the check-box next to the monitor.
A blank project in the Experimental Viewer with the Block Palette open to the Trigger Blocks.

Experimental Viewer

Main article: Experimental Viewer

In the Experimental Viewer, the block palette splits the Control blocks into two sections: Control and Triggers. Triggers hold all the Hat blocks and Broadcast blocks.

In the Experimental Viewer, the block palette is arranged vertically.
The Scratch 2.0 Block Palette

Scratch 2.0

In Scratch 2.0, the Control blocks are split into two sections like in the Experimental Viewer, but its Triggers section is known as Events. The Variable blocks is also renamed to Data and there is the addition of a completely new section, More Blocks, in which one can create a custom block.

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