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An argument is any insert in a block.


The following are types of arguments in Scratch:

  • Number insert
  • String insert
  • Drop-down menu
  • Boolean insert
  • Color insert


Each argument has a Squeak code. These are all available in the "Scratch-Blocks" category in the System Browser.


The following are the types of arguments with their squeak code:

  • AttributeArgMorph - The first drop-down in the () of () Sensing block
  • BooleanArgMorph - To insert a Boolean Block
  • ChoiceArgMorph - A drop-down menu that does not allow reporter blocks to be dropped in
  • ChoiceOrExpressionArgMorph - A drop-down menu that allows reporter blocks to be dropped in
  • ColorArgMorph - A color insert
  • EventTitleMorph - A broadcast
  • ExpressionArgMorph - Either a number or string insert
  • ExpressionArgMorphWithMenu - Either a number or string insert that has a dropdown menu; differs from ChoiceOrExpressionArgMorph in the fact that it can have something typed in
  • SpriteArgMorph - A sprite drop-down menu

There are other categories in Scratch-Blocks, but those are for block types.


Argument names are case-sensitive, and start with a letter. In the Scratch System Browser, they are prefaced with a "$" in the list, and "%" when being called. For example, %S is different from %s.

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