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Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.

The Archived Forums were parts of the Scratch Forums that had been closed to new posts and moved to the bottom of the forum list. They were hidden from view in the forum index on November 10, 2010,[1] but were still accessible from the Jump To tool at the bottom of forum pages.[2] In Scratch 2.0 the forums were reset and no longer contain anything posted in the old forums. To view the archived forums one has to go to the archived forums.

List of Forums

The Archived Forums group contains the below eight forums:

Inspiration and More

"Inspiration and More" redirects here. For the more recent forum section, see Inspiration and More (forum section).

The Inspiration and More forum was the predecessor to the Miscellaneous forum. It was where to post any topic that would not fit into the other forums, becoming a "stew" — eventually the user cheddargirl suggested that it be split into four separate forums: Collaboration (for companies and the like), Requests, Project Ideas, and Miscellaneous. Not long after, the idea was approved and the forum was archived along with the birth of the new ones.

Text-based Games

Main article: Text Based Games Forums

This forum was the predecessor of the later Text Based Games Forums. After many forum games were posted in the Inspiration and More forum, a user suggested a forum made especially for them. The idea was approved, and the forum gained much popularity. However, due to many fights and moderating troubles, the forum was closed and restarted as a separate forum, which was quite popular.

Scratch Day 2009

Prior to the Scratch Day events in the year 2009, this forum was opened so Scratchers around the world could discuss the coming event with each other. Users could discuss where to host parties, share pictures from the event, view others' pictures, or simply browse. Once Scratch Day that year had passed, the forum was closed and archived.

Scratch at MIT Conference 2008

A large event was held at MIT in the year 2008. The forum was created so users could discuss it — once done, the forum was soon closed.


The Educators forum was originally part of the main nine forums. Teachers using Scratch in education could come together to discuss the matter there, sharing tips and finding ways to better improve their teaching. However, the forum was closed, and a whole new website was created in its place, called ScratchEd. The forum was not held in the archive list, however, but after a campaign to move it, the forum administrators did so.

Collab Challenge 2011

The Collab Challenge 2011 forum was created to discuss the Collab Challenge 2011. It contained information about the challenge, and also collaboration threads. When the challenge ended, the forum was closed and archived.

Collab Camp 2011

The Collab Camp 2011 forum was created to discuss the Collab Camp. It contained information about the camp, and also the collaboration threads. When the camp ended, the forum was archived, but not closed.


This forum was used for users to talk about non-Scratch related topics, such as video games, recent events, discussions/polls, and more. It was eventually closed and replaced with Things I'm Making and Creating and Things I'm Reading and Playing due to the forum becoming increasingly hard to moderate.

Collab Camp - Music Mashups

The Collab Camp 2012 forum was created to discuss the Collab Camp. It contained information about the camp, and also collaboration threads. When the camp ended, the forum was archived, but not closed.


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