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The Announcements forum is a forum in the Scratch Forums where the Scratch Team can post announcements for Scratchers to see.

If a topic hasn't been posted in in over two months, it closes automatically.

What the forum contains

While the content of the announcements vary, they usually fall under these areas:

  • A new release of Scratch
  • Changes to the website
  • Experimental tests
  • Wanted feedback
  • Downtime

As only the Scratch Team and the Community Moderators can create new threads, there is no risk of users posting false information in a new topic.


The forum is one of the least active ones, as new topics are slow to arise, and normal users cannot post new topics in the forum.

The announcements posted are not always things that will die down - one of these is a place where users can submit holiday logos, and another is where users can apply to be curators. While those threads are not continuously active, they amount for many of the forum's posts.

The 100th topic was posted on April 9, 2011. It is viewable here.

Besides the Scratch Team

Only 3 normal Scratchers have posted in the Announcements forums. mletreat posted when she/he was handing out T-shirts with the Scratch logo on them, though mletreat was on the Scratch Team at the time.[citation needed] joletole's topic was moved there when he announced that the Scratch Team changed any mention of "pi" to "3.14159265..." on Pi Day. ImagineIt posted in the Community Moderator Appreciation Day topic for 2011 in 2012, after which Paddle2See made a new topic, merged his post and the later ones on the first topic, and since it's sorted by date, his became first.

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