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All at Once
All at once.png
Category Control
Type C
Introduced in 2.0 alpha
Removed in 2.0 alpha

The all at once block is a Control block and a C block. It runs the blocks inside it atomically. It is based on the warp block in Snap!, and was originally called warp speed in Scratch as well. This block was planned to serve as a temporary Turbo-Speed for designated scripts, as Turbo-Speed with the whole project can cause timing issues, and it is often only needed for a couple scripts.

This block will not make the final release of Scratch 2.0; procedures will instead have a checkbox to run in atomic speed, called Run without screen refresh, much the same as Snap! does.

Example Uses

This block can be used in some of the following ways:

  • Speeding up mathematical projects
  • Rendering 3D
  • Doing complicated calculations
  • Removing the lag in ordinary loop blocks such as repeat
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