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Abbreviations in Scratch

Some Scratchers use abbreviations for their projects instead instead of typing the whole phrase.

What is an Abbreviation?

An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or phrase.

List of Abbreviations

Below is a list of some common abbreviations used on the Scratch Website.


  • AMV: Animated Music Video; it is when a scratcher creates a animation to go with a song, like a Music Video on Youtube.
  • AT:
    • Art Trade when you trade art with another Scratcher if the person agrees.
    • It also stand for the Advanced Topics forum.
  • CC:
    • Coloring Contest; it is when the scratchers makes a line-art and then scratchers will remix the project, color the line-art in, competing against each other to make the best drawing.
    • It also stands for Creative Commons, the organization that constructs the licence under which most of Scratch's user-generated content is governed.
  • F4F: Follow for Follow; it is when a Scratcher ask to follow someone, in return a follow from them. Most scratchers disapprove of this practice.
  • FPC:Front Page Curator; one of the Activity Feeds on the front page.
  • IRL:In real life; as in not on the internet or on Scratch.
  • LTL: Lyrics Taken Literally; when a scratcher creates a project with backdrops/sprites showing what music lyrics look like literally.
  • MAP: Multiple Animator Project; they are collaborative projects by many Scratchers that each contribute a brief animation to the project.
  • OC: Original Character; a character that you have created for the first time that you can use for various things in a project.
  • PMV: Picture Music Video; it is a type of MAP.
  • SDS: Scratch Design Studio; one of the Activity Feeds on the front page.
  • ST stands for the Scratch Team.
  • VAO: Voice Acting Order; when you ask for someone to say something for your project. You could order something from a shop on the Requests Forum and ask for a VAO.
  • VAR:
    • Voice Acting Request; similar to VAO.
    • Smaller version of Variables.
  • WIP: Work in Progress, also known as a draft; it is used when a Scratcher creates a project and shares it without it being completely done. Can be marked as a WIP by checking the "Draft" Box.

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