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() * ()
() * ().png
Category Operators
Type Reporter

The () * () block is an Operators block and a Reporter block. The block multiplies the two values and reports the result.

The numbers can be typed directly into the block, or Reporter blocks can be used instead.

This block can be stacked inside itself - this can be used to fit more numbers in or calculate exponents.

Scientific Numbers

Numbers in scientific notation in variables (such as 3e3) can be converted to a normal number by preforming any mathematical function on it, such as multiplying. So if a variable named "number" has a value of 3e3 and you want to use it in other scripts, you can change it by doing the following:

((1) * (number))

It will then report "3000".


With natural numbers, this block can be replicated with the following code, assuming a is the first number and b is the second number:

set [product v] to [0]
repeat (b)
change [product v] by (a)

The following code works for all cases (with the conditional). It basically divides by the reciprocal, the equivalent of multiplying.

if<(a) = (0)>
set [product v] to [0]
set [product v] to ((a)/((1)/(b)))

The following code accepts negative numbers with decimals:

File:() Times () Workaround.png

Example Uses

In many projects, numbers must be multiplied - this block will do the job.

Some common uses for the () * () block:

  • Scripts in calculator simulations
  • Multiplying lists of numbers
  • Math formulas

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